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Sesame Street - Season 46 Episode 3

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Episode: 3/13 eps

Duration: 55 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1969

IMDb: 8.2

Season 46 - Sesame Street
"Abby is sleeping over at Elmo's house and Nina is babysitting! With her help, it's time to calm down and get ready for bed. Also features Tracee Ellis Ross preparing for bed with the letter \"B\", Smart Cookies: The Ginger Snap Case, and Elmo's World: Sleep."
"Alan Cummings is Mucko Polo as he helps Oscar, Elmo and Abi to search out grouchiness in Sesame Street using all 5 senses."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"It's Valentine's Day on Sesame Street! Elmo and Abby make valentines for each other and learn about the importance of friendship. Also see Elmo and Abby sing a \"Valentine's Day Song.\""
"Elmo and Abby have started the Best Friend Band where they learn how to compromise. Super group, Fifth Harmony joins Elmo to sing \"That's Music.\""
"[HBO] HD. 'When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame Street.' Elmo, Chris, and friends dress up as dinosaurs...and learn that Big Bird is a dinosaur!"
"Telly learns that by using his imagination and experimenting, he can make art in lots of different ways. Elmo's World: Drawing is also included where Elmo learns that drawing is a form of expression just like writing and talking."
"Elmo helps Abby, Grover, and Telly figure out how to say thank you to our nose, eyes, and mouth all at the same time. Also, Cookie Monster stars in Smart Cookies: Dat Face and in Elmo's World: Noses, Elmo learns how noses help us to breathe and sneeze!"
"Abby plans to teach Elmo how to garden, but a gnome takes his seeds and flower pot."
"Big Bird makes his own version of \"Beauty and the Beast\"."
"[HBO] HD. 'Move It!.' It's 'Move It Day'! After spending the day eating cookies, Cookie Monster learns that moving your body gives you energy."
"Abby turns Sesame Street into a magical ocean so that Dorothy can swim everywhere; when Dorothy disappears, Elmo and Abby follow clues to find her."
"[HBO] HD. 'Halloween.' In this special Halloween episode, the letter of the day is 'H' and Elmo learns that a good imagination helps when pretending."
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