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Law & Order

"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories."Filmed entirely on location...

Duration:45 mins

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Season 1 - Law & Order
"Greevey and Logan discover that a hospital is covering up an emergency room physician's mistake which results in a patient's death. They later find out that the doctor may have also been drunk at the time."
"A woman claims she shot two punks on a subway car in self-defense, but investigators and prosecutors are not sure that they believe her."
"A gay man with AIDS is accused of murdering another gay man. However, he claims that the victim also had AIDS, and that it was a mercy killing."
"A young woman is sexually assaulted and eventually dies from her injuries. However, the only suspect is a charming, handsome businessman with a fianc\u00c3\u00a9e from a powerful New York family."
"A family man is shot to death inside a parking garage. Police soon discover the crime was not a random act of violence. Stone tries to get one of the suspects to testify against the other."
"The assault of a city councilman uncovers a scandal involving organized crime, elected city officials, and a deputy police commissioner."
"A murder investigation leads detectives to a madam accused of running a prostitution ring disguised as a catering service."
"A police officer is accused of planting a gun on an unarmed African-American youth that he shot. The victim was beloved in his community, but the investigation reveals that he may have also been a drug dealer."
"A child's collapse in school from mortal injuries leads to an investigation that uncovers a family steeped in horrific abuse."
"The investigation into the death of a controversial artist reveals that he was involved in twisted sex games with two powerful figures."
"A young black girl claims to have been raped by white police officers. Police and Prosecutors struggle to get the truth after an ambitious black congressman claims the investigation is a racially-motivated cover-up."
"After an anti-abortion protester is killed in an abortion center bombing, detectives search for all of her potential co-conspirators."
"A police officer is shot to death on a rooftop. Assistant D.A. Stone's investigation reveals that the officer may have been dirty."
"Stone temporarily dismisses rape charges against three defendants because the victim's testimony has too many holes. Greevey and Logan's subsequent reinvestigation uncovers a possible fourth assailant."
"Stone makes a deal with a group of low-level mobsters when they offer to testify that a crime boss murdered a missing union leader. However, the prosecution's case unravels at trial, causing all parties involved to walk."
"After crime boss Frank Masucci's murder case gets thrown out, Stone turns up the heat on the witnesses who played him in order to find charges against Masucci that will stick."
"A twelve-year-boy is injured and his infant brother is killed by gunshots. The investigation reveals they were the accidental victims of a hit ordered by a drug dealer against a real estate broker."
"Stone faces a Texas cowboy lawyer and a hostile community as he tries to prosecute a young man accused of murdering a drug dealer for raping the man's sister."
"A businessman and his wife are killed. The couple's two sons emerge as the most likely suspects, but detectives later find business ties to the Russian mob."
"Detectives and prosecutors face resistance from federal authorities as they pursue murder charges against an suspected IRA member serving time in federal prison, after he is suspected of killing another federal prisoner."
"Greevey and Logan discover that an apparent mugging victim found unconscious on a park bench has had his kidney removed. The case leads to a powerful man whose daughter desperately needed a transplant and the doctor who may have helped him."
"Captain Cragen ends up in the cross-hairs of an internal investigation into evidence tampering, and the DA's office is forced to put him in a precarious situation to implicate the conspirators."
Season 2 - Law & Order
"Sgt. Greevey is murdered and an angry Det. Logan pressures a confession out of the killer. Prosecutors struggle to allow the confession to be used in court."
"A woman claims she suffered from extreme emotional disturbance when she shot her ex-husband and his young lover in bed. Prosecutors believe her son can uncover the truth in the case."
"An aspiring actress dies from a drug overdose. Investigation reveals that her domineering mother may have driven her to suicide by forcing her to act in a pornographic film. The DA's office pursues murder charges against her."
"After a homeless man is convicted of murder, his lawyer files an Fourth Amendment appeal claiming an illegal, unwarranted search of his personal property."
"A couple denies medical attention to their dying daughter because of their religious convictions. Detectives discover that the they may have had doubts about their actions, so the D.A. charges them with endangering and manslaughter."
"A young pregnant woman is found beaten and has a miscarriage, Cerreta and Logan are soon led to the lawyer she was working for, who may or may not have been involved in the attack."
"Skeletal remains of a young boy missing for 30 years are found in an apartment building, and finding the killer may ride on Dr. Olivet's ability to uncover a possible witness' repressed memories of the incident."
"A co-ed claims that two fraternity brothers raped her at a Halloween party, but finding the truth proves to be difficult when other members of the fraternity stonewall investigators and the woman's sexual history is revealed."
"A high school student who was having an affair with one of his teachers is accused of killing the teacher's husband. Did the woman use him and set him up, or was the boy obsessed and act on his own?"
"An arson at an Hispanic social club that killed 53 people is related to a powerful Cuban, an INS agent, and the sale of fake green cards."
"The frozen body of a Broadway producer is found five years after his death. Stone suspects that a show investor and the producer's fianc\u00c3\u00a9e actress were involved, but time makes it more difficult to find a motive."
"An obsessed fan is charged with the brutal beating of a soap opera actress. During the trial, he claims that a voice in his head told him to do it."
"Stone and Robinette go after a defense contractor, as well as his lawyer and the hit-man he allegedly hired, after two men are killed and a whistle-blower who planned to testify against him goes missing."
"A man from an old-money New York family is accused of killing his wife over an affair. The man she was seeing is reluctant to testify, and the case rides on the positive identification of a family heirloom."
"A teenager confesses to shooting a classmate, but claims it was an accident. Detectives also discover that he was responsible for a similar shooting two years earlier, but the records are sealed."
"The parents of a woman murdered in Manhattan try to get the case moved to Connecticut so that they can pursue the death penalty against the defendant, a suspected serial killer."
"A teenage drug addict claims that a nun molested her at a treatment house, but the investigation leads an accusation of rape involving the chief executive of the facility."
"A baby is found frozen to death in a hospital emergency room. The case leads to accusations that the landlord of the building the baby and her mother lived in hired people to turn off the heat and harass tenants to get them to move out."
"A corpse of a badly burned Jewish jeweler is found in an alley. Initial evidence suggests that it could be a hate crime performed by a group of black youths, but a business motive is later uncovered."
"An award-winning Chinese American high school science student is killed. Evidence points to the jealous family of one of the student's high school competitors."
"A councilman is found dead on a street, and the investigation reveals that he was being blackmailed because he was gay. However, the councilman's very powerful father is reluctant to cooperate because he doesn't want his son outed."
"The murder of a \"corporate raider\" appears to be connected to a Brooklyn factory he took over and then shut down. But the DA's office uncovers a connection to a banking scandal that leads all the way to a former governor."
Season 3 - Law & Order
"Logan and Cerreta investigate the death of a fashion model photographer and discover that the photographer's real business was prostitution. One of his \"clients\" is implicated, but she may be covering for the real killer."
"A white Jew faces trial for the shooting death of a prominent African American leader, but was the assassination actually an inside job?"
"A college student from a poor Mexican family kills his rich co-ed fianc\u00c3\u00a9e after she breaks up with him. The defense hopes to exploit the jury's guilt for the client's plight to avoid a murder conviction."
"A teenage boy dies because of a faulty pacemaker, and detectives soon discover that he is not the only person to die from pacemakers manufactured by the same company."
"Two washed-up, handcuffed corpses are identified as Mexican immigrants, and the investigation reveals that they may have been working as slave labor in a sweatshop."
"Dr. Olivet accuses an esteemed gynecologist of rape. However, when she loses her case, the DA's office resorts to a new strategy to bring the doctor to justice."
"A Greek immigrant jewelry store owner kills two robbers and claims self defense. However, it is soon questioned whether his actions went beyond self defense and crossed into revenge and murder."
"A Colombian drug cartel assassin is accused in the murder of a Colombian couple in a restaurant. While trying to make the case against the accused, Ceretta is shot by a black-market gun dealer whom the prosecution needs as a witness."
"A woman claims she killed a man outside a bar because he was going to rape her, but was it really a mob hit? Logan is partnered up with Lennie Briscoe, and Ceretta tells Logan that he isn't returning to the precinct after his shooting."
"The death of a pregnant drug mule leads to the discovery of a Nigerian heroin smuggling ring that leads all the way to a diplomat who is also a Nigerian tribal chief."
"A Broadway producer's daughter is abducted from a department store. Later, she and her mother are found in a women's shelter. The mother claims that the daughter was abused by her father, but the daughter's accounts are inconsistent."
"An innocent man confesses to killing his girlfriend and takes a plea. A.D.A. Robinette suspects that his defense may have conspired with the victim's estate planner to sandbag him for financial reasons."
"Prosecution of an elderly man accused of killing his wife, a Holocaust survivor, becomes complicated when it is learned that he may have been a Jew who worked with the Nazis in Poland during World War II."
"The D.A. tries to hold a psychiatrist criminally responsible when a client she is accused of having sexual relations with kills his girlfriend."
"A frustrated African American mother confesses to killing her junkie daughter who was bleeding the family's finances dry. The DA's office wants to consider leniency because of her race, but Robinette strongly rejects the notion."
"With the help of a Brooklyn detective, Briscoe and Logan get a confession from a mentally retarded man in the murders of two nurses. Further investigation reveals that he may be innocent, but he steadfastly maintains that he is guilty."
"A female Naval officer is killed during a drunken party. The Navy claims jurisdiction in the case, but detectives soon suspect that the guilty party is being protected and the wrong man is being railroaded."
"A university scientist is murdered, allegedly over an affair her husband was having. However, Stone later suspects that the alleged \"mistress\" may actually be delusional, and that there was actually no affair."
"A computer virus creates a malfunction at a Diabetes clinic which results in the deaths of two patients. Detectives tie the virus to a teenage hacker, whose father unsuccessfully accused the clinic of malpractice."
"A teenage Romanian immigrant kills his father, a cruel former Romanian secret police officer, after his father kills his own brother. The boy's defense attorney offers a \"cultural insanity\" defense."
"After a cop is killed while trying to make a drug arrest the investigation reveals that some of his fellow officers may have stood by and let him die for reasons of their own."
"A young, independent deaf woman is murdered, but was is it her scorned lover or her obsessed mentor? Detectives Briscoe and Logan scour phone transcripts, while forensics narrows the search. It's up to prosecutors Stone and Robinette to persuade the truth out of the victim's mentor, the founder of a local institute for the deaf."
Season 4 - Law & Order
"Stone goes after a sensational tabloid talk show host after a child molester is murdered on live television by the father of his victim."
"A drug addicted and violent homeless man, who had been terrorizing a neighborhood and whom the residents and police had been unable to do anything about, is severely beaten."
"A 19-year-old co-ed accuses a crude heavy metal artist of rape. However, Kincaid fails to reveal an important detail about the accuser to Stone before the trial, which puts the case and their working relationship in jeopardy."
"The hunt for a racist serial killer is aided by personality profiling that the defense uses to their advantage in court."
"Briscoe receives an anonymous 911 call saying that a prominent millionaire has been murdered. However, the investigation is thwarted by the wife and family attorney, who claim he died from natural causes."
"While investigating the death of a building superintendent, Briscoe and Logan discover that the victim's teenage son may have been abusing him. The son, however, claims that he was the abuse victim."
"A woman detonates a bomb in a parking garage, and prosecutors suspect she was acting under orders of a charismatic cult leader."
"The discovery of skeletal remains on Roosevelt Island leads to a new trial for a former Wall Steet junk bond broker now serving time in the victim's murder. The defendant chooses to act as his own counsel."
"The lawyer of a 14-year-old boy claims he is not responsible for the beating death of his friend because he has an extra Y chromosome and is genetically predisposed to criminal behavior."
"After a business owner is shot and killed, suspicion falls on his Russian mail order bride and the man she is having an affair with."
"A young woman is accused of starving her grandmother to death because she wanted to receive her share of the inheritance faster."
"Briscoe and Logan investigate when the son of a wealthy friend of Adam Schiff is kidnapped."
"Stone and Kincade try to prosecute a woman who is accused of extortion and promising her biological child to multiple couples."
"While Stone prosecutes a judge in an attempted larceny case, Kincaid faces censure charges for not disclosing that she had an affair with the accused."
"The son of one of Briscoe's former colleagues is accused of shooting and killing an innocent 14-year-old. He claims that he was trying to shoot a gun dealer who threatened him, but the people's case against him is very shaky."
"A woman is killed after opening a mail bomb. The investigation leads to the discovery of a bitter research dispute between her ex-husband, a noted physicist, and a younger researcher that he double-crossed."
"Briscoe and Logan catch three unrelated homicide cases in one shift: an aspiring actor shot in his car, a Lorena Bobbitt copycat who killed her husband, and a grocery store owner killed in a robbery."
"A chiropractor accused of being a bookmaker is charged with killing the father of a professional baseball player over his son's gambling debts. However, Stone and Kincade soon suspect during the trial that the son is hiding something."
"A Jewish driver kills a black youth in a hit-and-run accident in Harlem and is not prosecuted. The black community's reaction ends in the death of a white motorist, but should the killer be held responsible for his actions?"
"Stone is reluctantly forced to pursue criminal charges against a woman who kidnapped a young girl and took her away from an abusive foster home, even though he thinks she should receive psychiatric care instead."
"Briscoe and Logan investigate a mysterious attack on a young tennis star, on the eve of a major tournament. While the detectives look for possible stalkers, they have to deal with rival players and the victim's manager father."
"The investigation into the killing of the CFO of a baby food company leads Briscoe and Logan directly to the Russian mob and its head, who now goes by the name Steven Green. When they arrest the shooter, ADA Stone isn't above manipulating his situation to get him to testify against Green. However, since no one can be found guilty solely on the testimony of an accomplice to the same crime, he desperately needs another witness. Ann Madsen had business dealings with Green and can testify to having seen the shooter in Green's office the day of the shooting. When it come ..."
Season 5 - Law & Order
"Kincaid's new partner in the DA's office, Jack McCoy, pursues murder charges for a woman who provided questionable alternative treatments for women suffering from breast cancer."
"Detectives and prosecutors believe that a smug comedy club owner shot his wife and put her in a coma, but they can't come up with enough hard evidence to get him convicted."
"A singer claims Battered Woman Syndrome as an excuse for killing her former employer, whom she claims abused her during her employment."
"During the investigation into a wealthy publisher's death, the victim's daughter claims to be having a relationship with her mother's new husband."
"A conservative suburban wife and mother turns out to be a fugitive student radical who was involved in an armored car heist and murder of a police officer 23 years earlier."
"Van Buren kills an intellectually disabled, unarmed teenager at an ATM. She claims it was a robbery attempt, and that there's a second, armed suspect on the loose. But not everyone believes her."
"A false kidnapping claim leads to the prosecution of a married couple after detectives discover that three of their infants have died under mysterious circumstances."
"McCoy charges a city councilman with \"larceny by extortion,\" after a female colleague claims that she had to sleep with him or lose her chance at partnership at their law firm."
"An attorney may have been killed for trying to further bilk people who have lost their life savings in an S&L scandal."
"Briscoe and Logan learn that the murder of an unassuming Parks Department accountant may have actually been a mob hit when they discover that he was a juror in the trial of a crime boss."
"A financial advisor is implicated in the drug overdose death of one of his client's children."
"The murder of an abortion doctor leads to the prosecution of a radical pro-life leader, who hopes to use the trial to grandstand against abortion laws."
"A smug African American stock broker who resents other people of his own race is accused of murder. However, he hires a high-profile civil rights attorney, who presents a \"black rage\" defense."
"The discovery of a fake pornographic \"snuff tape\" leads detectives to a high school gang and an alleged points-for-sex contest."
"While investigating a fertility doctor for a separate case of fraud, McCoy and Kincaid discover evidence that he may be inseminating his patients with his own sperm."
"The murder of an admissions board member for a prestigious prep school is connected to the expulsion of a subway worker's son. But a false confession and a school cover-up make prosecuting the responsible parties difficult."
"Did a struggling contractor intentionally blow up the building he was working on, or was he the intended target of the explosion?"
"An alcoholic young man is accused of murdering a married couple in their bed -- but they were strangers to him, and no motive can be discerned."
"Evidence indicates that the death, in police custody, of an autistic teenager was the result of longstanding abuse. Suspicion falls on the treatment center where he lived and on its therapist, Dr. Colter."
"The investigation into a police officer's death uncovers 30-year-old accusations of molestation by a Catholic priest. Detective Logan takes a personal interest in the case because of his relationships with both parties."
"When the man who killed and robbed a cabbie turns up dead, detectives uncover a connection between the victim's wife, the killer, and the murder weapon."
"A businessman is accused of killing the psychiatrist who diagnosed his daughter with multiple personality disorder. McCoy suspects that the psychiatrist may have uncovered a repressed memory involving her mother's possible murder."
"A gay city councilman is murdered. The prime suspect is a conservative rival he may have double-crossed. The investigation also sets off a series of events that could cost Logan his detective position."
Season 6 - Law & Order
"Briscoe and his new partner, Rey Curtis, track down the man accused of kidnapping and killing a young girl. But before the suspect is arraigned, the girl's mother shoots and kills him in the courtroom."
"A biker who posts to an Internet bulletin board refuses to reveal information that could help a murder investigation, arguing that he a journalist protecting his sources."
"The death penalty has just been passed in New York and prosecutors must decide whether or not it is appropriate after an unlikely suspect murders an undercover police officer."
"A judge throws out all of the prosecution's key evidence and dismisses murder charges against a wealthy defendant. District Attorney Adam Schiff suspects that the judge, an old friend, may be on the take."
"A man and a woman rob a nightclub and a deli, killing the owner. When they're caught, the woman claims she was forced to participate against her will."
"The DA's office tries to prosecute a co-ed for brutally murdering her roommate, but the only evidence is a vague confession. However, Dr. Olivet suggests that she may have suffered from paranoia due to her tragic family history."
"After a prostitute is murdered, the detectives believe she was blackmailing a wealthy client. Kincaid prosecutes the case, but has second thoughts after the defendant's wife takes the stand."
"A woman claims that a Puerto Rican man kidnapped her infant daughter while she was in a church confessional. However, she later confesses to killing her baby and cremating her body."
"An anti-Semitic teen is accused of killing a Jewish teacher. His defense attorney argues that the accused is really the victim of a Jewish conspiracy."
"A convicted rapist in a high-profile trial from 30 years earlier receives a new trial because of legal technicalities. In addition, prosecutors must try to convict this time without a confession."
"An investigation into a horse swindling scheme escalates into a murder investigation when one of the accused's possible victims--his ex fianc\u00c3\u00a9e--disappears."
"A man serving time in a serial killer case claims malicious prosecution and false imprisonment after a man who killed two more boys confesses to the other murders. All of the evidence points to Jack McCoy and his former assistant."
"A man leaves a poisonous gas bomb on a train and kills a lot of people. The man is found guilty, but says this is just the tip of the iceberg."
"A crack-addicted, African American mother is accused of murder and kidnapping the baby Child Welfare took from her. Her defense attorney, former A.D.A. Paul Robinette, argues that the entire child welfare system is racist."
"A businessman most people suspect got away with conspiring to murder his first wife is now accused of conspiring to kill his second wife. The two cases share eerie similarities."
"A hard-luck executive is accused of murdering his wife and son, and injuring his daughter. Dr. Olivet tells prosecutors that he fits the profile of a \"family annihilator,\" but backs down when he refuses to confess on the stand."
"A married lawyer is charged with murdering a colleague with whom he was having a gay affair. However, his wife vehemently comes to his defense and threatens revenge on the prosecutors if they pursue the case."
"A model is murdered and the evidence points to her driver. He claims he acted under extreme emotional disturbance because he was infatuated with her. However, McCoy later uncovers a connection between the driver and a drug dealer."
"A woman is killed after stray bullets travel through her apartment window. Briscoe and Curtis learn that an abused 13-year-old who was forced to work for a drug dealer by his drug-addicted mother was the shooter."
"The death of a college student at her school library appears to be connected to her involvement in a prostitution ring."
"A schizophrenic attorney who refuses to take medication defends himself against multiple charges of murder."
"A young British au pair is suspected of poisoning the baby in her care. Her defense tries to create reasonable doubt by emphasizing the neglect of the baby's working mother."
"After witnessing an inmate's execution, McCoy, Kincaid, Briscoe, and Curtis react in different and extreme ways."
Season 7 - Law & Order
"Jack McCoy and his new assistant, Jamie Ross, get off to a rocky start together as they try to prosecute a carjacking\/murder suspect after the judge excludes a cassette tape that could prove his guilt."
"A woman is charged with murdering her sister, but prosecutors learn that the defendant is actually the other sister--who assumed the real victim's identity. Meanwhile, the judge becomes hostile to the prosecution during the trial."
"A white teenager accused of murdering an African-American man claims that she was a date-rape victim, and racial overtones threaten to overpower the actual merits of the case."
"While investigating the murder of a coin collector, detectives discover the existence of extremely rare coins that belonged to a Holocaust survivor."
"To avoid the consequences of a bad shooting, a corrupt police officer makes a deal to cooperate with a commission investigating police corruption. During his testimony, he accuses Briscoe of stealing drugs after an arrest."
"A schizophrenic chemistry student is on trial for killing a former school janitor, but a professor claims that he is part of one of his drug studies and that his sickness is under control."
"A man is accused of killing his deadbeat, abusive ex son-in-law. He claims self defense, and the outcome of the case rides on determining who was in possession of the murder weapon at the time."
"Two feuding daughters of a department store owner are suspects in a murder investigation. Both have motive and connections to the murder weapon, but getting a conviction on either daughter could prove to be difficult."
"Did the son of an assassinated African-American leader attempt to murder his father's successor, or is he the victim of an elaborate FBI frame-up?"
"After a mother orders a professional hit on her daughter-in-law's new husband, detectives reopen an investigation into her son's death."
"A woman jumps to her death off the Brooklyn Bridge, but evidence and eyewitnesses suggest that a crazed man made her jump after they were in an auto accident."
"Detectives believe that a murder victim may have been mistaken for another target. But when the actual target is also killed, they discover that a loan shark had taken out a life insurance policy on her."
"Evidence suggests that the murder of an elderly philanthropist was part of a conspiracy involving his lawyer and his much-younger trophy wife."
"The death of a former police officer leads Briscoe and Curtis to a pair of suburban moms who work as prostitutes."
"Briscoe and Curtis go to Los Angeles to question a personal trainer about a movie executive's murder. During the investigation, Curtis finds a potential romantic interest."
"Briscoe and Curtis serve an arrest warrant on a Hollywood director in the film executive murder case. Opposing counsel--Jamie's ex husband--challenges the warrant. Jack and Jamie now must go to L.A. to defend it."
"The prosecution's murder case against the Hollywood director threatens to fall apart. And the case could cost Jamie her job and custody of her child, and it could cost Curtis his marriage."
"A serial rapist recently granted parole against Jack's wishes is a suspect in a new rape and murder. Detectives can't get enough evidence to charge him, so Jack orders detectives to trail and harass him."
"Lawyers make a deal with a suspected cop killer in order to find a kidnapping victim. However, the DA's office wants to renege on the deal after the victim is found dead, and detectives suspect that he knew the victim was dead all along."
"A good Samaritan's life is thrown into turmoil when he is accused of murder. And when Jack asks him to testify against the real killer, things only get worse for him."
"The investigation into the murder of an up-and-coming editor uncovers a love triangle between the victim, a pretentious writer, and a jealous attorney."
"The death of a former model is connected to the daughter she gave up for adoption, and a possible multi-million dollar inheritance claim involving the woman's biological father."
"A man opens fire during the docking of a dinner cruise boat. The Governor appoints a special prosecutor because Schiff refuses to seek the death penalty; McCoy helps Schiff appeal while Ross helps the special prosecutor at trial. Schiff's wife is hospitalized following a stroke."
Season 8 - Law & Order
"Two punks kill a random victim for the thrill of it. But the prosecution faces the difficult task of convicting two people of the same crime."
"Bloody sheets and an apparently stolen credit card lead Briscoe and Curtis to a pair of college age lovers who present McCoy and Ross with a united front of denial that one of them killed their newborn son and disposed of the body."
"A female Navy pilot kills an officer over their affair. However, McCoy suspects that the Navy may be impeding the D.A. office's investigation because she is a valuable asset and a positive female role model."
"The prosecution of the shooter in the death of a young mother and wife hits a snag when it is suggested that her doctor may have killed her to give away her organs and advance his career."
"An attempted armored car heist leads to the prosecution of a suburban right-wing militia group that claims to be at war with the U.S. government."
"Baltimore Homicide detectives Munch and Falsone help Briscoe and Curtis with a murder investigation. However, the victim's family attorney interferes with the investigation by leaking information and offering rewards."
"Detectives discover that a recently-murdered white woman had recently given birth to a baby whose race reveals a well-kept secret about the baby's biological father."
"The D.A.'s office resorts to extreme measures in order to prove that a defense attorney is rigging trial outcomes, but Jamie discovers that the corruption can be traced back to one of her friends and colleagues."
"A teenage boy is suspected of starting a fire that killed his younger sister. But his powerful and influential grandfather does everything in his power to make the case go away."
"An Egyptian man is murdered because he had hired an Egyptian doctor to perform a female circumcision on the man's niece. A.D.A.s McCoy and Ross have to deal with a clash between cultural convictions and the law."
"Three people are killed when a possible drunk driver runs them over. A.D.A. McCoy is bent on getting a questionable death sentence in the case, but Ross believes that he is trying to get revenge for Claire Kincaid's death."
"The daughter of a convicted murderer goes on trial, accused of attempting to murder an expert witness who testified in her father's trial on his behalf."
"A serial killer who targets the New York S&M crowd claims that television is responsible for his violent behavior."
"McCoy pursues murder charges against a health care worker who impregnated a comatose patient after the woman dies during childbirth. However, investigation also reveals that the victim's mother may have played a role in the incident."
"A mafia hit man who was in the witness protection program turns up dead in Central Park. A mafia boss is implicated, but his defense wants him declared mentally incompetent to stand trial."
"The murder of a couples psychologist is connected to a bitterly-contested Catholic annulment and the couple's two feuding lawyers."
"The investigation into a young woman's death leads detectives to a man who has been knowingly spreading the HIV virus to his partners. McCoy pursues murder charges in a case that could have have serious political implications for Schiff."
"A stalker accused of murdering a woman could go free because the victim may have lied to police about one of his earlier attacks."
"A disturbed, self-righteous activist opposed to high-rent developments is wanted for the kidnappings of a property owner and two of his tenants. However, the D.A.'s office may have to renege on the deal made with his brother to find him."
"A doctor is accused of maliciously killing a quadriplegic boy. However, the doctor claims it was a mercy killing, and that he was acting on the family's wishes."
"The pursuit of the death penalty for a police officer's killer who found religion in prison becomes a political football for the DA's office, and Briscoe's daughter gets in trouble with the law."
"While Jack prosecutes three teenage boys for raping an intellectually disabled girl in a high school, Lennie's daughter testifies in a drug trial."
"A man confesses to killing the gossip columnist who was responsible for his wife's death. But his defense attorney tries to put the columnist's irresponsible journalistic practices on trial to avoid a conviction."
"Political pressures and a lack of manpower force the detectives to coerce a confession out of its only suspect in a brutal sexual assault of a young girl."
Season 9 - Law & Order
"New assistant D.A. Abbie Carmichael aggressively pursues an infant's death, and helps uncover a conspiracy involving a Russian adoption agency, gravely ill children, and an unethical doctor."
"White police officers are accused of beating and dragging an African American man to his death. McCoy tries to prosecute while facing pressure from Federal prosecutors, who want to make a deal with one of the guilty parties."
"A teenager who was shot in a drug deal gone bad claims to have been coerced into working as an informant for a corrupt narcotics officer."
"Prosecutors have trouble making a case against a father accused of injecting his son with deadly bacteria, so Jack is forced to play hardball with the bio-supplier that may have supplied him with it."
"After a woman is brutally attacked, the police believe they have stumbled on a serial killer. Prosecutors struggle with how to put him away for life with little evidence."
"A murder at a fertility clinic leads to a complicated, bitterly-contested case involving frozen embryos, a wealthy man, his widow, and his ex-wife."
"A murder case leads detectives to a mother\/son team of con artists and accusations of incest."
"An inmate accused of arranging a hit on a corrections officer says that the guard raped her. She also claims that assistant DA Abbie Carmichael has a personal vendetta against her."
"The Manhattan DA's office finds itself in the middle of a battle over the death penalty when it asks the Canadian government to extradite a Canadian-born woman facing multiple murder charges."
"When a teenage girl is found dead in the park, the detectives uncover a group of teen racists and the adult who encouraged them. The prosecution's case sparks a debate about hate speech and the First Amendment."
"The discovery of a dead body inside a Volkswagen van dumped in a river lead Briscoe and Curtis to investigate the disappearance of a campus radical from the late 1960s."
"The unlikely suspect in the murder of a community activist and director of a community center in Harlem is a teen from the neighborhood who got into an Ivy League school with his help."
"Two violent and overzealous bounty hunters working for a bail bondsman interfere with a murder investigation, and are ultimately responsible for two more deaths during their pursuit."
"The death of a government official in New York leads Jack McCoy to cross swords with the Independent Counsel in Washington, as he tries to keep the identity of a key witness secret."
"A rebellious child dies during an unsanctioned exorcism ceremony. The defendant claims that St. Michael instructed her to perform it."
"Carmichael aggressively pursues criminally negligent homicide charges against a group of greedy doctors and a medical supplies saleswoman after a patient dies in surgery under unusual circumstances."
"A female police officer is accused of killing a fellow police officer, her ex-boyfriend. She firmly maintains her innocence. However, she also says that he abused her, but nobody on the force heeded her warnings or helped her."
"An investigative reporter is shot, and evidence indicates a link to a 20-year-old murder case. Prosecutors learn that one of the reporter's stories on the case may have helped convict an innocent man of the crime."
"The prime suspect in the murder of a college professor is a domineering father who kidnapped his children and disappeared 15 years earlier."
"A businessman planning to build a new football stadium in New York City is on trial for murder. But the prosecution's star witness, a professional fundraiser who was having an affair with the victim, may have her own sinister motives."
"The son of an imprisoned crime boss and a couple of strip club owners become the central figures in a murder investigation."
"An Hispanic mathematics professor is the prime suspect in the murder of a graduate student. He claims he is being racially profiled, but detectives have two potential motives. However, they cannot place him at the scene of the crime."
"A brutal murder of a Russian man has ties to the Russian mob. However, the only witness who isn't compromised is a traumatized 10-year-old boy who is reluctant to testify."
"Hitmen reach the last witness in the Russian mob case, which leads to the discovery of a money laundering scheme. And a related bomb scare at the police precinct forces McCoy to defy Schiff and go all out to prosecute the offenders."
Season 10 - Law & Order
"After Jack is forced to settle with a man who committed a mass murder in Central Park, he decides to go after to the gun manufacturer."
"A 10 year old girl may be responsible for the murder of a little boy in her neighborhood."
"Judge Denise Grobman is shot and seriously wounded when a man steals her car. Yet when investigation leads to a hired hit ordered by her husband, she vehemently refuses to believe in his guilt."
"The 15-year-old daughter of a wealthy family is killed. When the child of another wealthy family is implicated, the DAs find themselves being stonewalled by both families."
"A lawyer's murder is related to a case involving a death row inmate's innocence. Former prosecutor Jamie Ross represents the lawyer's accused killer, and faces an ethical dilemma involving an \"anonymous\" tip and her attorney-client privilege."
"Detective Briscoe's integrity is brought into question more than once as he pursues a Hispanic robbery\/murder suspect."
"A man once accused of killing his girlfriend is now accused of assaulting the woman's sister. However, he vehemently claims that he is the victim of a setup in both cases."
"The motive in the murder of a retired insurance salesman appears to be a series of policies he sold to Jews in Poland during the Holocaust."
"Is a man with Alzheimer's Disease competent enough to stand trial for murder? And if he is found guilty, should he be subjected to the near-inhumane conditions common for prisoners of his type?"
"A school bully is accused of killing a classmate. The killer's father is found to have helped foster his son's violent behavior, so the DA's office charges him with murder on account of depraved indifference."
"A homeless man with bipolar disorder accused of killing a schizophrenic woman refuses to take his medications during the trial."
"Jack asks Abbie to try a case involving a young mother accused of starving her baby to death."
"Detectives suspect that a best-selling novelist was shot because she was having an affair with a married FBI agent who was helping her with research. It turns out that they have the right motive, but the wrong suspect."
"With the help of SVU detectives, investigators discover that the matriarch of a powerful family may have resorted to extreme measures to cover-up a murder."
"A man is accused of raping and killing his girlfriend's sister and another victim. Prosecutors make a deal with the girlfriend for her testimony against the accused, but they also suspect that she was a willing participant in the murders."
"The murder of a stock broker leads Briscoe and Green to a coworker who is involved with a stock fraud scheme with ties to organized crime."
"A lapse in judgment by two police officers results in two African Americans killing a white teen in Harlem. The case promises to set off a racial powder-keg, and drives a split between between Jack McCoy and Adam Schiff."
"Six people die in a helicopter explosion. Evidence points to a millionaire con-man who provides self-actualization seminars for his wealthy clients."
"The DA's office believes that a well-known psychologist\/author may have driven his daughter-in-law to suicide because her increasing rebellion against his \"submissive wife\" philosophy would have ruined his reputation and lucrative career."
"A man claims he acted under extreme emotional disturbance after he murders the woman who sponsored a graphic painting."
"A prostitute's murder leads detectives on a complex investigation involving an Asian prostitution\/slavery ring, police shakedowns, stolen credit cards, and a teenage Internet sex addict."
"A college coed, who is a stripper by night, gets murdered. Two drug dealers are arrested by the detectives. The dealers link her death to a famous porn star, a top business exec and an illegal insider trading scam."
"A wealthy middle-aged woman is in a coma after an apparent prescription drug overdose. The incident is tied to a twisted sexual practice involving the husband, but her daughter also turns out to have a financial motive."
"The DA's office prosecutes a Chilean colonel for the murder of a New Yorker working with the Communists during the Pinochet military coup. But has the office overstepped its jurisdiction?"
Season 11 - Law & Order
"A frustrated, over-stressed mother is charged with murder after starting a fire that killed her disabled son, but the case weighs heavy on Jack McCoy's conscience. Nora Lewin is introduced as DA Adam Schiff's replacement."
"After a homeless man is accused of killing a woman at a subway station, McCoy learns that a health care provider may not have provided him with appropriate medical attention in order to save money."
"Detectives discover that a murdered concert violinist was having an affair with her orchestra conductor."
"A corrections officer may have deliberately set up a confrontation in prison that resulted in the death of an inmate who raped his colleague and girlfriend."
"When a suspected murderer tries to seek shelter in Israel, the DA's office faces the difficult task of extraditing and trying him in New York while also satisfying the Jewish community."
"A community activist who was formerly a Black Panther is accused of killing a police officer. He claims self-defense because of the history of police violence against African-Americans."
"A 1981 murder case is reopened. An ambassador's son is charged, but key evidence has disappeared. Further investigation reveals that the evidence may not have disappeared by accident."
"A father confesses to killing his son's hockey coach over playing time. His defense is that he should not be considered responsible for his actions because he suffers from a mental defect known as \"sports rage.\""
"A charming conman acts as his own defense during his murder trial. During the trial, he deliberately tries to taint the jury by flirting with the forewoman."
"An AIDS researcher is killed by a monkey released in a lab by animal rights activists. The subsequent trial turns into a test case on the ethics of using animals as test subjects."
"A dead female body is found in Central Park after a Puerto Rican Day parade. Was the death the result of the actions of a violent Hispanic mob that was harassing women at the parade?"
"The murder of a man delivering Chinese food is linked to three bored teens who couldn't afford to pay."
"Did a baby's biological father kill one of the baby's adoptive parents in order to get him back, or because of his outrage that the child was adopted by a homosexual couple?"
"A convicted drug dealer is accused of killing a pregnant loan officer, but it turns out to be part of a larger plot involving a professional basketball player who may be the baby's father."
"A reality show cast member kills one of his castmates during a heated argument. But was the confrontation staged, and who is ultimately responsible?"
"The Manhattan DA's office tries a drug dealer for a murder that took place in the Bronx--a case where another man has been already been convicted of the crime by the Bronx DA's office and is serving time."
"Detectives discover that an Assistant Attorney General was having an affair with a murdered investigator in his office, and that he had made threatening statements about her to his psychiatrist."
"A drug dealer's murder leads detectives to a military officer's wife who was smuggling cocaine from Colombia."
"Two personal injury attorneys go on trial, accused of mastermind an insurance fraud scam involving staged rear-end automobile accidents."
"A young man's murder appears to be connected to a paternity test and extortion attempt involving the victim's wealthy father."
"Briscoe and Green are suspicious of two FBI agents who provide an alibi for an Irish mobster suspected of murder. The case is further complicated by the murder of a witness and the emergence of the mobster's lookalike brother."
"Jack goes head-to-head with his former assistant, Jamie Ross, as he prosecutes the gunman in a high school mass shooting."
"An accountant goes on trial after being charged with ordering a hit on the hard-as-nails judge who imposed an unusually harsh prison sentence on him just to send a message."
"Jack tries to prove that a state senator and a mobster conspired to kill a journalist investigating voting irregularities. But connecting the dots is difficult without cooperation from the journalist's confidential source."
Season 12 - Law & Order
"A jogger is mauled to death by a pit bull, and detectives discover that the dog's original owner may have tortured it and trained it to be a killer."
"A murdered shoe-shine man turns out to be a veteran who was trying to return the Bronze Star he received during the Vietnam War."
"A career criminal is murdered, and the investigation leads detectives to a manipulative widow who may have hired the victim to murder her husband."
"A diamond broker's death may have happened because he was on the verge of exposing a powerful Swiss diamond concern's connection to \"blood diamonds\" mined in Sierra Leone."
"A pair of feuding siblings who share ownership of a building are suspects in the murder of one of their tenants, because she may have been the only person keeping them from selling the building for millions of dollars."
"Briscoe and Green suspect that a washed-up former Vegas lounge singer may be connected to his wife's murder. But they also discover that his wife has a history as a con artist."
"A fingerprint analyst's error put an innocent man in prison. Detectives discover that this may not have been the only error she has made in favor of prosecutors."
"A schoolteacher dies in a building fire. The fire is linked to a group of young radical environmentalists. McCoy tries to go after the man who influenced them."
"A hip-hop star goes on trial for the murder of a nightclub patron who accused him of being a sellout."
"The DA's office charges a racist who killed an African-American CEO over a taxicab with a hate crime. The defense responds by arguing that racism is a mental defect."
"A priest is murdered in his confessional, but another priest was the actual target. However, the targeted priest refuses to cooperate with the investigation, claiming that his communication with the killer is privileged."
"An insurance company employee is killed because he was on a committee that rejected coverage of an expensive but effective drug for a young girl suffering from leukemia."
"Serena is asked as a lawyer to help resolve a hostage situation. But her actions threaten to get her disbarred because she didn't disclose to the captor that she works as a prosecutor and wasn't his personal counsel."
"A former aide for a state senator disappears and later turns up dead. The investigation uncovers an affair with a powerful state official, and that she was pregnant."
"McCoy takes on a cyber investigating company after information it sells to a convicted rapist is used in the murder of his therapist."
"A therapist is charged with murder after an 11-year-old girl dies during a \"rebirthing\" procedure."
"Was a high school girl killed because she was going to report a sexual assault by two classmates, or because another classmate was afraid that she was going to \"out\" her?"
"The DA's office believes that an abused wife hired her brother-in-law to kill her husband. The defense claims that the woman suffers from battered wife syndrome, but was is it a case of self-defense or revenge?"
"An activist college student is killed for investigating a meat packing plant. McCoy later uncovers a connection between the plant and five E. coli deaths at a fast food chain."
"A woman is drugged and falls to her death, and the evidence suggests that her ex-boyfriend and her current husband's ex-wife may have conspired to kill her."
"An investigation into the murder of a private investigator leads to the discovery of a Honduran immigrant illegally playing in a New York youth baseball league."
"A sleazy criminal defense attorney is accused of killing his wife and using knowledge he obtained as a lawyer to frame a client. During the trial, he tries to further manipulate the system to avoid a conviction."
"A doctor's murder helps detectives uncover an organized crime attempt to corner the prescription oxycodone market."
"A Desert Storm veteran who fancies himself a soldier on the War on Terror is charged with murdering an Arab man. The case becomes more complicated when evidence after the fact suggests that the victim may have indeed been a terrorist."
Season 13 - Law & Order
"A teenage converted Muslim from a wealthy New York family acts as his own counsel in his murder trial, claiming that he is a victim of an American Anti-Muslim conspiracy."
"The investigation into the murder of a high-school teacher unearths some unsettling truths about another teacher and one of the students."
"McCoy becomes suspicious of a former police officer and current true crime writer investigating the death of a controversial rock singer, when the singer's wife is killed."
"Three suspects are arrested when a tourist's home video shows them leaving the victim's apartment with stolen property. McCoy and Southerlyn are surprised when Branch announces they will seek the death penalty."
"A ring found on a skeleton in Hell's Kitchen indicates that the victim is a woman who was reportedly killed in the World Trade Center on 9-11. A member of a powerful political New York family is charged with her murder."
"A mob-connected contractor is murdered, and his wife and her lover are connected to a hit man hired to kill him. But the case turns out to be much more complicated than it seems."
"A defense attorney is murdered hours after his client accused of shooting a cop is acquitted. Detectives suspect that a right-wing militia group is involved, and that the lives of other attorneys may be in jeopardy."
"A star baseball player accused of killing a limo driver claims that \"roid rage\" made him do it."
"The discovery of a badly-burned dead body outside a Chinese official's penthouse puts the Manhattan DA's office in the middle of a dispute between the Chinese government and a religion it officially considers a cult."
"A mother claims self-defense after she kills her schizophrenic son who was involved in a hit-and-run death."
"A defense attorney tries to exploit the jury's sympathy for Israel in the hopes that it will get his bookie client found innocent of a murder charge."
"A drug dealer turns up dead, leading detectives to members of a neighborhood watch group whose lives were poisoned by the victim. The priest who leads the group confesses to the crime, claiming that God told him to do it."
"A man scheduled to testify in a murder trial disappears. The DA's office discovers that he's actually a radical who disappeared 20 years earlier after being charged with killing his girlfriend."
"A young man with an 80 IQ confesses to committing a murder. However, assistant DA Southerlyn suspects that a beautiful but manipulative woman he was trying to impress may have talked him into his plea."
"A successful businesswoman is accused of killing her stock broker and lover over insider trading issues. However, she claims she suffered a psychotic break because she was undergoing hormone replacement therapy."
"An African-American teenager shoots a police officer because he's angry about the lack of investigation into his brother's death. A reopening of that investigation aggravates some deep racial tensions."
"A promising young writer confesses to the murder and robbery of a cabbie and demands that he receive the death penalty."
"A former star quarterback and his agent go missing after an all-night boating party and are presumed dead. The quarterback's deadbeat, drug-addicted brother quickly becomes the prime suspect."
"A murder suspect uses his \"psychic powers\" to lead detective Green to the crime scene and murder weapon. Is he truly psychic, or just an obsessed stalker?"
"A prep school headmaster is accused of murdering his school's admissions director after overruling her on a controversial admissions selection."
"Did a shady doctor irresponsibly prescribe pain-killing drugs to one of his patients, which resulted in her death?"
"As the DA's office tries to prosecute a teenage sniper who killed four people, prosecutors discover that he was abducted from his real family as a child and emotionally abused by the man he was living with."
"Briscoe and Green catch three murder cases and one kidnapping on the same day, and one murder is tied to a fourth murder which happened ten years ago. Each case apparently involves domestic disputes gone wrong."
"The child of a popular comic dies after he is reportedly thrown out of a window during a fire. However, the investigation also uncovers allegations that the comic molested an 11-year-old boy years earlier."
Season 14 - Law & Order
"A serial killer refuses to tell Jack McCoy the names and locations of all of his victims. The killer's defense attorney has the information too, but refuses to disclose it because of attorney-client privilege."
"A bounty hunter's murder in a motel room is connected to a journalist who may have fabricated a story about the criminal the bounty hunter was chasing."
"A carjacking murder investigation becomes complicated by a SARS outbreak in New York City, and the discovery of medical container with the virus in the stolen car."
"A popular Broadway composer is accused of murder. His psychiatrist blames it on a traumatic episode he had as a teenager, but McCoy discovers that the doctor may also have a motive."
"The leader of a rock band is accused of tampering with a flamethrower at a concert, which caused the deaths of 23 people. However, an enamored teenage fan may be willing to commit perjury to give him an alibi."
"An 80-year-old man is accused of killing the man who stole his identity and caused him to lose his home. However, the defendant's son wants him declared incompetent to stand trial."
"A murder investigation leads detectives to a judge who may be taking bribes from a select group of divorce lawyers to rig their cases."
"A reporter, just back from Iraq, is shot in the back by a military-issue handgun. Did he put soldiers' lives at risk with his reporting, and was the shooting payback for it?"
"Did a pediatric oncologist kill a con artist over a failed investment, or did she actually crack mentally over the stress of dealing with terminally-ill children?"
"An illegal Mexican immigrant is accused of killing his wife's sweatshop boss because he was their baby's father. He claims, however, that his wife was forced to be her boss's surrogate mother."
"A homeless man goes on trial for manslaughter, accused of killing another homeless man. His defense attorney argues that the laws of civilized society should not apply to homeless people because of their realities."
"A real estate broker is accused of being an unlikely hit man for a former mob boss recently released from prison and trying to get his old crew back."
"The detectives break the news of a woman's murder to her sister, but she turns out to really be her ex-girlfriend and disappears with the victim's adopted child, who had previously lived with the couple."
"A city councilman and a water inspector are victims of a shooting in City Hall. Prosecution of the guilty party is difficult because the murder weapon was obtained through a secretive FISA warrant."
"An angry veteran whose son died in Iraq claims extreme emotional disturbance after he is charged with killing a young Iraq War protester he thought was provoking him."
"A boy is murdered in the park in front of two witnesses by a man on a bicycle. When the witnesses are repeatedly threatened and one turns up dead, the case against the murderer begins to unravel."
"Some of a man's body parts are found in separate garbage cans and an early suspect is his deaf girlfriend. The investigation soon discovers that this woman is nowhere close to who she seems."
"The main witness in the deportation trial of a purported Nazi war criminal is found beaten to death in her home. Suspicion soon falls upon the former guard, as well as a white supremacist entrepreneur who supported his cause."
"Detectives discover that a murdered assistant district attorney had an assumed identity, and that he never graduated from law school. They also discover that he made a mob-related murder case in his files disappear."
"A film producer is killed at Raimondo's, a restaurant known for its mob ties and celebrity client\u00c3\u00a8le. Briscoe and Green discover that the producer was feuding with a novelist over profits for a movie based on the writer's book about Raimondo's."
"A former prisoner exonerated on murder charges kills another man. He claims he wouldn't have done it if he wasn't wrongfully imprisoned in the first place, so prosecutors must prove that he had a prior history of criminal behavior."
"The murder of a prominent Japanese model visiting New York City may have been a Yakuza-related murder for hire."
"A Persian caviar businessman is found dead in his bed, and the victim's children and new young wife become murder suspects."
"Two women are accused of conspiring to murder each other's husbands, but Jack and Serena are forced to try the cases simultaneously and separately. Meanwhile, Detective Briscoe announces his retirement."
Season 15 - Law & Order
"Green and his new partner, Joe Fontana, investigate the murder of an Iraq War veteran who has more incriminating Abu Ghraib prison photos. An Iraqi woman who is an American citizen is charged, but she claims to be a prisoner of war."
"A \"9-11 Widow\" who received a lucrative settlement after her firefighter husband's death is murdered. Another firefighter's ex-wife, who was dumped for the victim after 9-11, is charged."
"A prison guard is charged with killing a released member of a white supremacist prison gang. The guard says the victim threatened him and his family. The gang also threatens the judge presiding over the trial."
"Two student suicides are connected to a university drug study. The investigation uncovers that the pharmaceutical company that commissioned the study may have known about adverse side-effects, but tried to cover it up."
"Black market gun dealers murder two undercover officers during a gun buy. During prosecution, McCoy begins to suspect that a bitter defense attorney may have masterminded the entire episode."
"A novelist dies after undergoing multiple plastic surgeries. Detectives believe that her doctor took unnecessary risks and falsified documents to cover it up. The DA's office charges him with criminally negligent homicide."
"McCoy takes on gay marriage at the state Supreme Court when a man refuses to testify in a case involving the death of the governor of Connecticut's wife, because he says that he is married to the defendant."
"A mob boss is accused of ordering a hit on a urban vigilante group leader who was seeing his mistress. However, when the mistress is killed before the trial, he insists that he truly loved her and had absolutely nothing to do with it."
"A diamond broker's wife is accused of hiring Russian mobsters to arrange a hit on her husband."
"An Afghani drug lord is implicated in a drug-related massacre in New York. However, prosecution is difficult because the government considers him an ally in the War on Terror in Afghanistan."
"A frustrated prison social worker is accused of taking the law into her own hands with a dangerous man whom she knew was violating the terms of his parole agreement."
"A contractor is suspected in the murder of an investment banker after detectives discover that the home's security system has been tampered with, and he was having an affair with the man's wife."
"A young hip-hop performer is accused of murdering a rap mogul, but his friend testifies during the trial that he is the killer. Serena objects to prosecution tactics, and Branch fires her."
"Sixteen people die from influenza after they received counterfeit flu vaccine shots. New A.D.A. Alexandra Borgia helps Jack McCoy prosecute the responsible party for manslaughter."
"The investigation into the death of a conservative talk show host leads to a stalker who claims to be having an affair with his wife. McCoy suspects that the wife manipulated her into killing him."
"A hot-tempered basketball star is accused of killing one of his hecklers. The investigation and trial, however, reveal that the heckler's pattern of harassment may have crossed the line of decency on several occasions."
"McCoy faces the unpopular decision to pursue charges against a vigilante who used his car to track down a man who murdered a group of hunters."
"The host of a popular cooking show is on trial for killing a television executive. However, the trial takes an unexpected turn when a juror enamored with the client is accused of trying to profit from the trial."
"A murder\/attempted suicide investigation leads to a religious cult that promotes pedophilia, but finding charges that will stick to the group's leader proves to be difficult."
"A lawyer from a prestigious corporate law firm is murdered. One of the firm's senior partners is reluctant to testify against the accused for selfish reasons. Detective Green is critically wounded escorting a reluctant witness."
"Fontana and his new temporary partner, Nick Falco, investigate the murder of a porn star. After the woman charged with her murder is also killed, they uncover a connection to both victims and a politically ambitious ex-police commissioner."
"A jockey's murder leads detectives to a businessman who is accused of stealing from his company's pension fund to purchase personal luxury items."
"A man confesses to a nine-year-old racially motivated murder. His defense attorney argues that he should not be punished because he is a born-again Christian and has already done his penance."
"A failed suicide attempts leads to a train crash that kills 12 people. The defendant's attorney initially offers an insanity defense. However, he is soon fired, as the defendant represents himself and changes his plea."
Season 16 - Law & Order
"When a little girl is abducted as part of a car-jacking, McCoy must bargain with the devil in the form of a system-savvy criminal."
"The death of a con-man who tried to call Olivia Benson just before he was murdered brings Olivia and Fin to the assistance of Fontana and Green, and leads to a slippery mother\/daughter team."
"A deathbed confession reopens one of Fontana's old murder cases involving a young model, one in which he believed that the father was the killer. Branch and the father want the case to go away, but McCoy is bent on going to trial."
"The bombing death of a husband set to remove the feeding tube of his wife, who's in a persistent vegetative state, focuses the investigation on the protesters."
"A businessman is coerced by a gang to murder an investigative journalist in order to guarantee protection for his son, who is serving time in prison."
"A nurse is accused of performing illegal sterilizations on troubled teens without their knowledge, which resulted in the death of one of her patients."
"A single mother is killed and her baby stolen, and police find the child with a woman who took the baby while pretending to be pregnant."
"The murder of a trucker blows open a case involving illegal trafficking and the citizen border patrol"
"Three women with identical names are murdered with the same m.o.. And Fontana and Green's investigation turns up a \"hit list\" with Jack McCoy's name on it, as well as a number of witnesses in one of his trials."
"Van Buren relentlessly pursues a cocky suspect she believes was responsible for driving a friend's daughter to suicide, because he allegedly attacked her with drain cleaner. But her resulting actions could put the case in jeopardy."
"A synagogue's Chumash is stolen and desecrated, and the crime must be solved before a religious war breaks out in downtown Manhattan."
"After an accountant for the mob is stabbed to death, a corrupt police officer who grew up with the victim takes justice into his own hands. However, pursuing the case could put the officer's other convictions in jeopardy."
"McCoy pursues murder charges against a woman in an assisted suicide case, but he finds out during the trial that a third party may have also been involved."
"A teenager from a rich family kills a schoolmate because he refused to sell him test answers. His defense argues that he was not responsible for his actions because of the medication he was prescribed."
"A suburban mom ends up admitting to the detectives that she shot and killed her own teenage son out of fear that the boy would become a menace to society."
"The murder of a banker leads to the discovery that he was having a relationship with her boss. McCoy's case rides on the testimony of the defendant's 14-year-old daughter. However, her testimony also reveals a shocking family secret."
"While Jack is prosecuting a man who murdered a military contractor, the prosecution is interrupted by the recent capture of a terrorist."
"Fontana is accused of using excessively violent tactics to force a kidnapping suspect to reveal the location of the victim. Prosecutors are left to decide whether the ends justified the means."
"A boy's suicide note alleging misconduct of his sister's doctor results in the investigation of a physician administering illegal AIDS drugs."
"A paper reveals the identity of an undercover officer, getting her killed, and the trail may lead to a politician's office."
"Fontana and Green investigate Green's former replacement, Nick Falco, who becomes a suspect in an investigation after a woman he had spent the night with is found slashed to death in his bathroom."
"A case involving fake DEA badges leads to the death of A.D.A. Borgia. McCoy is forced to resort to dubious legal tactics to ensure that Borgia's killers are brought to justice."
Season 17 - Law & Order
"A botched burglary ends in murder, and the apartment in question belongs to a paparazzi who may have compromising photos of a celebrity and her baby."
"A murder is discovered on a social networking web site, and sorting out all the suspects and those who have moral responsibility complicates convicting the killer."
"A girl is killed in a building explosion. The owner was offered millions to sell the property, but turned down the highest offer--much to the chagrin of his ex-wife."
"An Arab man killed on video, purportedly by a white supremacist group, may have actually been killed for helping the FBI infiltrate an Arab terrorist cell in New York city."
"Green and Cassady investigate the murder of a child molester exposed on a national television news program."
"An executive of a body armor company is gunned down while arriving at his daughter's $2 million sweet-16 party; detectives tie the incident to a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq when his vest failed."
"A washed-up, anti-Semitic actor is arrested with blood on his clothes. Detectives later discover that a Jewish television producer he has connections to has been murdered. But what role, if any, did he play in it?"
"A co-ed is accused of murdering a man inside a \"Babes Being Bad\" tour bus. But was she raped by the owner of the company, and is he ultimately responsible for the murder?"
"An ambitious defense attorney tries to use a murder case as a referendum on the death penalty, but Jack is worried that her client may not be getting the best advice."
"A high-end escort is arrested for the murder of a lawyer tied to a corporate scandal and scheduled to testify before Congress. But somebody other than the victim may have been paying for her services."
"The investigation into the death of a gold-digger's drug addict son uncovers a potential plot to illegally harvest dead body parts for medical transplants."
"The adopted infant of a soap opera star and a relative of the baby's biological father are central to a murder investigation."
"A Ph.D. student working on stem cell research goes on trial after the attempted murder of a controversial, outspoken right-wing pundit results in the death of an audience member."
"The death of a gay male actor exposes a scandal that threatens to bring down the powerful pastor of a large New York church who preaches intolerance toward homosexuals."
"The murder of a film director leads to motives that include immigration and Muslim fanaticism, but picking the correct one may be difficult."
"Green and Cassady investigate the death of a publishing agent who approved a book written by an ex-athlete that describes how he would have murdered his wife if he was in fact the real killer."
"A fundamentalist Christian goes on trial for murder, but he claims that he was protecting his daughter from Divine Retribution for learning Evolution theory in school."
"A jeweler who caters to the hip-hop community pleads guilty to killing a female rap star. But he later claims that a violent record producer intimidated him into confessing to the crime."
"The DA's office prosecutes a Russian police officer for poisoning to death a Russian immigrant who kidnapped his daughter for a prostitution ring in New York."
"While investigating a kidnapping and murder of a young boy, a second kidnapped boy, missing for years, is found living with his captor. But how will Jack handle prosecuting the boy when it is discovered that he is the killer?"
"While prosecuting an Iraq War veteran for murder, Jack discovers that his crime may be related to the deplorable conditions he was subjected to at a V.A. hospital."
"While investigating the murder of a senator's ex-wife, detectives find an alarming history of domestic abuse involving the entire family. However, the investigation comes to an abrupt halt when the senator is caught killing his daughter."
Season 18 - Law & Order
"Former New York detective Cyrus Lupo returns after his brother's suicide. The investigation reveals a relationship between two assisted suicides, a notorious assisted suicide doctor, his daughter, and an investigative journalist."
"A mother and daughter are kidnapped during a blackout, and the blackout impedes Green and Lupo's investigation. Once the kidnappers are located, A.D.A. Cutter discovers that they had prior knowledge that the blackout was going to happen."
"A pipe bomb injures a pregnant security guard, and when Lupo crosses a line gathering evidence it may harm the DA's case."
"A murder over a missing pair of dry-cleaned pants leads the DA's office to a public health scandal involving a giant discount department store chain."
"The DA's office faces the difficult task of ensuring equal justice for an African American father and a white mother for their roles in the shooting deaths of two people during a racially-motivated confrontation."
"A fugitive con artist working as a political fund-raiser is charged in a triple homicide. In order to cast reasonable doubt during the trial, he points the finger at several prominent politicians he supported."
"A.D.A. Cutter matches wits with a slippery, manipulative con artist who is the lone surviving suspect connected to a real estate scam involving organized crime."
"An auxiliary police officer is accused of shooting and killing a protester at an immigration rally. McCoy is accused of having a liberal ax to grind when he vigorously pursues charges against the officer."
"An innocent doctor is murdered in a case of mistaken identity. The intended target performed a botched lethal injection in South Carolina."
"Cutter prosecutes a junkie and her pimp boyfriend for the brutal rape and murder of a young woman. But is he exploiting ADA Rubirosa's attractiveness to gain favor with a juror and improve their chances at a conviction?"
"A wife is accused of shooting her therapist husband over an inappropriate relationship with a teenage client. She acts as her own counsel and claims she was also one of his teenage victims"
"The discovery of a dogfighting ring leads to an investigation of the disappearance of one of the participants' wives. A television reporter's testimony helps charge the husband, but did she conspire to frame him?"
"A fanatical Christian teenager is implicated in the stoning death of his mother because of her adultery. Did the boy's pastor incite him to take action, and is he criminally responsible?"
"When Detective Green shoots a murder suspect, an internal investigation reveals that he had a gambling problem and once owed money to the suspect. The DA's office reluctantly pursues murder charges against him."
"Lupo and his new partner, Kevin Bernard, discover that a woman's suicide may actually be a murder. The case appears to be tied to a secretive religious group that some people consider a cult, but is the group to blame?"
"A legal aid strike forces A.D.A. Rubirosa to go head-to-head with Cutter in a murder trial, when she is appointed as the defendant's counsel."
"A murder investigation leads Lupo and Bernard to Plattsburgh, where a con artist is posing as her runaway daughter on a social networking website to lure men out of their money."
"While preparing a murder case, the DA's office stumbles on a potential scandal involving a prostitution business and the governor of New York, and it could have serious implications on Jack McCoy's future as District Attorney."
Season 19 - Law & Order
"Jack McCoy uses a post-9\/11 terrorism statute to prosecute a group of street fighters involved in a deadly retaliatory brawl--a move that A.D.A. Cutter strongly disagrees with."
"A intellectually disabled man who witnessed a murder holds the key to revealing the victim's shocking family secret, as well as shocking information about the identity of the killer."
"An investigation into the death of a 17-year-old boy leads Lupo and Bernard into the world of a fundamentalist Mormon sect, its polygamist leader, and one of his wives who is trying to get away from him."
"A fatality in a crane accident leads prosecutors to a case involving the victim's wife, who is discovered to be in a coma, and a controversial procedure that could intentionally stunt a handicapped young girl's growth."
"The investigation into the murder of an upstate New York man in Chinatown appears to be cut and dry, until detectives discover a possible cover-up in the case that leads all the way to the governor's office."
"While investigating the death of a former male prostitute whose memoirs have become a best-seller, Lupo and Bernard discover that the writer was a fraud and that his memoirs were based on another person's life."
"A law clerk enamored with A.D.A. Cutter may have an undue influence over the judge she works for in one of Cutter's trials, but could there be another reason for her actions?"
"While investigating the deaths of two married divorce lawyers, Lupo and Bernard uncover a connection to couple running a Haitian child slavery ring."
"Cutter finds himself pitted against a lawyer whose manipulation of the legal system keeps letting him get away with murder, and Lupo's mistake risks the current case and Cutter's life."
"The prime suspect in the murders of the son and housekeeper of married university researchers is a journalist who appears to be obsessed with girls from a particular sorority."
"A con artist is convicted in the death of one of his \"business partners.\" But when he and his wife are killed after his conviction, a new motive--and new suspects--emerge in the original crime."
"The DA's office tries to prove that a businessman who believes that he is the illegitimate son of President Kennedy was the mastermind of a plot that ended with three dead bodies."
"Detectives have two viable suspects in the firebombing of an Army recruiting center that killed an infant inside the building, but an overzealous vigilante crime-fighting group interferes with the investigation"
"The owner of a Rapture website is killed by a man working to return Soviet Jews to Israel to fulfill Biblical prophecy. However, the killer seeks shelter at the Iranian embassy, leaving the DA's office in an unenviable position."
"The manager of a failing youth recreation center faces trial in the kidnapping and death of a young woman. However, he blames his troubles on a disgraced Wall Street CEO--the victim's lover--who failed to provide an important donation."
"The investigation into the murder of a journalist could shed new light on an espionage case involving a man serving life in prison for spying for the Chinese government."
"A murdered television news reporter was investigating allegations that a billionaire Wall Street investment adviser was a fraud, but figuring out who killed her proves to be difficult"
"The prosecution of a group of teenagers for the brutal beating of an illegal Honduran immigrant proves to be a thorny and delicate issue for the District Attorney's office."
"A firefighter and his wife are brutally killed. The DA's office faces the politically unpopular decision to prosecute another firefighter, who may have resorted to extreme measures to cover up his crime."
"As Cutter and Rubirosa prosecute a mentally disturbed woman for the deaths of two British researchers, they begin to suspect that the defendant's brother may have orchestrated the entire episode for personal gain."
"The murders of three homeless men lead detectives to a possible serial killer."
"A murder investigation uncovers connections to the governor's wife, and perhaps a scandal involving the governor and an appointment for an open US Senate seat. But can Jack McCoy successfully prosecute and not risk his chances at being elected?"
Season 20 - Law & Order
"The shooting death of a veteran of the War on Terror leads to an investigation and conspiracy indictment against a former Bush Justice Department employee on conspiracy charges involving the torture of prisoners."
"A crime scene technician is killed, and Detective Lupo jeopardizes the investigation when he gets sexually involved with a second victim who later becomes a suspect in the original case."
"The DA's office is forced to tackle an embarrassing case involving domestic terrorists, the explosion of a synagogue with materials supplied by the police, and an informant who may have been lying all along to keep out of trouble."
"The father of several adopted special needs children is accused of killing his wife over her reluctance to sign off on a reality show based on their family, and the subsequent trial threatens to turn into a media circus."
"A late-term abortion doctor is killed, which leads to the emotionally-charged trial of a pro-life advocate, and threatens to drive a wedge between Cutter and Rubirosa."
"The DA's office takes on the operator of a website dedicated to righting social wrongs after a delusional woman used information gathered on a website to kill a man."
"The DA's office has to deal with a drug-related murder by two young teenage boys who have been trained as assassins by a Mexican drug cartel."
"What appears to be a tragic drunk driving accident with multiple fatalities becomes more complicated when investigators discover that the driver was about to blow the whistle on the pharmaceutical company she worked for."
"The DA's office discovers that a former prosecutor now working as a defense attorney has been getting damaging witnesses in his trials killed, and that Rubirosa was unknowingly a co-conspirator in one of his cases."
"A small businessman in Spanish Harlem becomes a hero after shooting three armed robbers. However, the investigation later discovers that there are holes in his story and that it may not have been a case of self-defense."
"Lupo and Bernard discover that a murdered member of a progressive community activist group may have been a conservative trying to expose the group's wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Van Buren gets bad news from former detective Rey Curtis."
"The death of a journalist who worked for a celebrity gossip website leads detectives to her publisher, who sought to use information she gathered for a story to blackmail a well-known talk show host."
"A family of four is brutally murdered. The investigation leads detectives to \"horrorcore\" culture, an accomplice who claims to have suffered from amnesia, and an accused killer with an unlikely post-traumatic stress disorder defense."
"Two teens from an underachieving high school are accused of burning to death a student from a more successful charter school, and Lupo and Bernard suspect that their principal is providing them with a phony alibi."
"Is a graduate student working in the medical lab at a prestigious university robbing and killing female escorts to support his gambling addictions? And how far will his loyal fianc\u00c3\u00a9e go to protect him?"
"Cutter is forced to play hardball with his mentor after her Innocence Project group gets his guilty verdict in a murder trial set aside, but is he ready to handle the unexpected consequences of his actions?"
"The debate rages over how to treat an informant who shot and killed four police officers. However, did one of the officers try to put undue pressure on him to help catch a dangerous criminal?"
"When an environmental scientist, Dr. Oscar Silva, is poisoned during a global warming symposium, Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard initially suspect competitors from Dr. Silva's field of study. It is soon discovered that Dr. Silva is involved in a messy custody battle with his wife's ex-husband, Phillip Shoemaker and the focus of the investigation quickly shifts to the victim's family. Meanwhile, the case becomes personal for Cutter as it stirs up unpleasant memories from his own past."
"A 20-year-old is accused of killing his sister after they crashed the mayor's black-tie party, but detectives also soon find unexpected links between the suspect and the office of a New York senator who was also at the party."
"Lupo and Bernard uncover a possible conspiracy to kill off wealthy cancer patients in the calendar year 2010 so that their inheritors don't have to pay an Estate Tax, but legal roadblocks make the case difficult to prosecute."
"A fatal stabbing leads to the discovery that a bio-research firm has been exploiting the cells of an African American man who died 50 years ago for medical research, but has never compensated his dirt-poor descendants."
"Detectives suspect that a tacky and volatile wife murdered her husband, but they soon discover that the victim may have backed out of a conspiracy with fellow husbands to hide assets from their wives until their divorces."
"Lupo and Bernard believe they are in a race against time to find a student threatening on an Internet blog to blow up a school--only to discover that they are looking for a disgruntled teacher instead."
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