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Judge Judy - Season 21 Episode 3

A father sues when his teen daughter's car title is not handed over to her; a motorcycle is impounded as its new owner is returning it.

Episode: 3/230 eps

Duration: 30 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 6

Season 21 - Judge Judy
"A man says towing company owners made outrageous accusations to police, causing him to be falsely arrested; a good Samaritan says her \"friend'' scammed her with bad checks."
"A poodle is accused of biting a stranger; an $800 \"loan\" for gambling causes a fight between exes."
"A father sues when his teen daughter's car title is not handed over to her; a motorcycle is impounded as its new owner is returning it."
"Exes' arguments lead to tazing, stabbing and jail time."
"A single mother barters baby sitting services with another child's father; ill-fated matching tattoos between ex-lovers."
"A young woman says she feared for her safety when her ex destroyed her property; a former military buddy is accused of fraud with a woman's disability checks."
"Unwed parents fight over cheating; a salon owner says he traded haircuts for a custom-built kitchen island."
"Disgusting bathroom conditions ruin a birthday party; a car buyer sues for repair costs and storage fees."
"An estranged wife is accused of smashing a rental car with a brick; a woman says her son returned her vehicle in a state of complete disrepair."
"A car's owner says a mechanic held the vehicle hostage for 10 months; a couple say their landlord rented the same apartment twice."
"A generous landlord bails his new tenant out of jail and buys her a new car; a phony attorney is sued by a very unsatisfied client."
"A man's two baby-mamas get into a violent confrontation; a pregnant teen fights with her ex over unpaid loans and utilities."
"A boy is bitten by an unleashed dog; a fence falls on a woman's car."
"A man sells the disobedient pooch he was trying to train to be a service dog; an entertainment manager says her former publicist stole her ideas."
"A young couple fight over who will pay for damages when he crashes her car; the new owners of a dune buggy say they did not get the vehicle they ordered."
"A security camera catches a parking-lot fight; criminal charges are filed when roommates cannot agree on rental terms."
"A man claims his ex tried to break down his door in a fit of rage; a woman says police told her not to return her baby-daddy's BB guns to him."
"Unpaid rent and complaints to police follow when cousins move in together; a woman offers photos as evidence her former roommate was a thief."
"An SUV-driver hits a bicyclist in a crosswalk; a single father says a neighbor gave him a car to make his life easier."
"A mom and her teen son learn that a mechanic cut corners in fixing up the boy's car; a young woman says she never looked online for her car's value."
"A landlord claims an unwanted house guest broke in after locks were changed; motorist denies hitting a pedestrian."
"A toddler witnesses a violent altercation; a teenager sues her ex-boyfriend for an unpaid loan."
"A man is accused of sharing a tragic story to get a sizeable loan; tenant claims an illegal eviction left her homeless."
"After a Mustang purchase, a man gets incarcerated and claims he was scammed; a man sues his sister for unpaid parking tickets."
"A teenager claims he took the fall for a friend after a car accident; a woman sues her step-granddaughter for unpaid rent and rodent disposal fees."
"A woman accuses her ex-landlord of stealing rent from her disability account and evicting her; a man says he wants his belongings back from his ex-lover, especially his beloved barbecue."
"A truck driver wants his dog back from his uncaring ex-wife; a woman says a used Mercedes she gave to a friend now sits abandoned and uninsured."
"A fight over an alleged pig attack on a Great Dane; a case involves an illegal eviction, alleged threats and an assault when a nurse takes on a new roommate."
"Substandard work leads a couple to sue a handyman, who says they still owe him money; a homeless man and his friend argue over stolen tools."
"An alleged eye bite leads to a knife fight; a woman says her landlord charges her too much for utilities, while he claims she stole property."
"A man's ex-lover wants repayment of a sizeable loan; a teen is accused of driving his sister's car through a bedroom wall."
"Roommates sue each other for unpaid rent, an illegal lockout and harassment; a small dog waits patiently as its owner goes after a woman whose large dog attacked it."
"Live-in lovers call it quits, but neither wants to move out; a longtime friendship ends over a damaged sunroof and police activity surrounding a crash."
"Neighbors get into a standoff over a fence and the removal of trees; a businessman insists that a third party is illegally using his stolen homemade trailer."
"A magical carriage ride fails to live up to the bride and her mother's expectations; a woman sues her former landlady over a restraining order."
"A winning golfer at a fundraiser claims he was ripped off; a house cat escapes and ruins a $9,000 flooring job."
"Mom goes on the hot seat when her young adult daughter tries to track down money she earned as a teen; an ex-lover tries to collect rent from a woman in financial straits due to a medical emergency."
"A pool technician is accused of stealing; ex-lovers fight over insurance, payments and repairs on a truck."
"A very unsatisfied customer sues an upholsterer over quality of workmanship; a couple say they were scammed into returning a vehicle they were in the process of buying."
"A tenant is accused of leaving an apartment in shambles; a small dog is attacked by a large one that was let out accidentally."
"A raiser of exotic fish sues her business partner for travel expenses to a reef-and-reptile convention; a skateboarder collides with a parked car at high speed."
"The owner of a children's salon says he cannot turn a profit; a woman says a former friend assaulted her and vandalized her car."
"A former talent partner refuses to accept that she is technically a squatter; an 8-year-old girl tells how her little dog was attacked by a pit bull."
"A man confronts an unassuming driver he deems reckless; a drag race ends in a car's demise."
"An evicted young couple refuse to move out; a stray poodle is accused of biting a man in the face."
"A boxing trainer is accused of inappropriately touching a woman and violating a non-compete agreement."
"A woman fears she will be reported to local authorities for fraud; a dog's owner sues its victim for kicking his car."
"A distraught mother accuses her teen daughter's ex of kidnapping her and wrecking her car; a man says he got the bad end of the deal when he traded his motorcycle and a gun for bodywork on his classic car."
"A woman says she was attacked by her lover's ex-girlfriend; an engineer claims he never received rims that he paid for."
"Allegations are made about road rage between two motorists; a woman sells her car to a friend, but doesn't possess the title."
"A woman battles with her ex and his pregnant fiancee."
"Accusations fly over a burnt couch; a man wants to recover farm equipment that he thinks belongs to his deceased father's estate."
"A feud between neighbors involves restraining orders, home liens and an alleged dog attack; a woman sues a former friend."
"A man says his cousin and her friends vandalized his car; a man rents to a tenant's granddaughter."
"A teenager says she was evicted with undue force; a woman says her landlord kept her security deposit."
"A man sues his former brother-in-law; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend for an unpaid loan."
"A teenager is accused of corrupting her landlord's daughter with drugs and alcohol; a man says a woman and her daughter lied about a car's mileage."
"A dressmaker is sued for an allegedly ill-fitting dress; a teenager says an Uber driver caused an accident."
"Furious about a rent increase, a woman stops paying; parents purchase a car for their son that has a lien on the title."
"The ownership of a puppy named Nugget is contested."
"Someone else claims the money from a couple's winning ticket; a woman is accused of not paying for the car she totaled."
"A young man says his roommate locked him out when he showed up to retrieve his possessions, but she says she didn't hear him; a person moves out after saying his landlord broke a promise to not smoke in the house."
"A woman brings her child out of state against a court order and then makes allegations against the child's father."
"A mother's side business lands her in hot water; dog owners are told how to deal with other leashed dogs on a walk; owners of a wounded animal sue."
"A woman says a handyman acted inappropriately with her daughter; he sues for defamation."
"A car seller repossesses a vehicle over $60, the final amount owed; a woman says her ex-roommate owes her $5,000."
"A woman says her intoxicated boyfriend assaulted her in Las Vegas and wants compensation for her injuries."
"A landlord and a tenant attack each other during an altercation; a woman sues her late boyfriend's wife."
"A tattoo artist mouths off to his ex-girlfriend in court, denying he owes $8,000 for a motorcycle."
"A man sues his unemployed ex for her share of their child's extracurricular activities and orthodontic bills; a mother puts her toddler in the wrong kind of car seat, causing her friend to get a ticket."
"An eyewitness tells of a car crash; a teen demonstrates how he pushed another child on the playground."
"A homeless couple accuse a former friend of cheating them out of pay and harassing them on the job; a teen accidentally stabs a co-worker's phone with a pen."
"A man's girlfriend accuses him of repeatedly kicking her car; a landlady discovers a fire pit on her property; an Australian terrier accused of biting a man."
"A store's customer becomes shocked to see a photo of himself portrayed as a shoplifter; a landlady sues a tenant for harassment."
"A woman sues contractors for shoddy workmanship; they say she held their tools hostage and extorted money from them."
"A woman says her horse was injured and held hostage by a stable owner; a couple regret trying to barter cash and a vehicle for a kitchen overhaul."
"A man accuses his child's mother of sabotaging his visitation and sues her for travel expenses."
"A woman accused of failing to repay a loan after finding out her boyfriend is a felon; a roommate sues a circus acrobat for return of his rent and security deposit."
"A woman secretly returns a horse she says has chronic arthritis; a marijuana grower says his landlord smoked with him."
"A romance ends in a fight over custody of the engagement ring; a teen regrets lending money to her boyfriend's mother; a cyclist accused of crashing into a parked car."
"A mechanic sues a boat's owner for an unpaid bill; a woman regrets lending her sister money to fight a DUI."
"A man accused of terrifying three children; a landlady says an evicted tenant caused $5,000 worth of damage; a motorist accused of causing a collision."
"A former couple describe their physical fight; a woman denies owing her grandson for a loan and accuses him of stealing a priceless statue."
"Four dogs get involved in a vicious fight, leaving their owners to feud over damages; a car collector says a fellow storage unit owner damaged his vehicles."
"A nonprofit group accuses a photographer of swindling; a truck driver says his ex-girlfriend nabbed two of his vehicles."
"A puppy's new owner says its sale was rushed because the seller knew it was sick; a baby's parents fight over wedding rings, a tablet and credit-card charges."
"A defendant is accused of scamming people with promises to \"find\" vehicles for them to buy; family members who gave a woman a home, health care and a car demand payback."
"After helping out a homeless pair, a woman sues them for repayment of loans; a man demands a refund on a broken-down camper."
"An accident involving an uninsured and unlicensed driver; a man claims his ex-wife used his health care debit card for their daughter; a dispute over a $5,500 security deposit, property damage and drug paraphernalia."
"A man sues a former co-worker for failing to build a website for his business; a man sued for unpaid rent, a broken tablet and hotel costs."
"An allegedly inexperienced breeder gets blamed for a puppy's lost ear; a landlord who gave a departing tenant a list of \"wear and tear\" damages."
"A woman's ex-mother-in-law sues her for an unpaid loan; when a woman locks her boyfriend out after learning he was unfaithful, he responds with a lawsuit; a man says his former friend damaged his car with a pipe."
"A pet-boarding business' former landlord wants reparations for damages; a woman wants payback for funding her brother's dental work."
"A man's trip to Florida with his girlfriend results in a restraining order being filed."
"A father fights to get his children back and is sued for travel expenses; a funeral home sues a grieving mother."
"A landlord goes after an allegedly delinquent tenant after he is notified about disturbances."
"Dog owners fight over liability when an unleashed greyhound is injured; a dispute over a leased car; a mother is sued by a former friend for an unpaid loan and lost wages."
"A woman wants her daughter's ex-boyfriend to repay her for a failed time-share vacation; a man is on the hook for towing fees after selling a car to an unlicensed driver."
"The owners of a German Shepherd deny liability for a small dog's injuries; alleged loans for chemotherapy treatments tear a family apart."
"Two neighbors fight over alleged theft, harassment and a shoving match; a man claims he paid a mover in both money and drugs."
"A man sues his ex-fiancee for the cost of an engagement ring, but she says he took it with him when he moved out; a mechanic says his drug problem didn't contribute to the theft of a car; a woman sues a longtime former friend."
"A woman is accused of damaging a limo and stealing customer fares; ex-lovers get into trouble with the judge when they can't stop arguing with each other in court; a woman says her car was burned to the ground at a former friend's auto repair shop."
"A friendly sports bet between co-workers ends with a bloody assault in a parking lot; a contractor is directed to install a pizza oven in a man's home in one week, or he won't get paid."
"A family rents a vacation home in hope of zip-lining only to discover the business has closed, so they demand a refund; a 19-year-old spends $3,000 on a used car only to find herself stranded with a vehicle from Guam that can't pass a smog test."
"When a young woman sues her parents, one of whom served time in jail, the judge educates lawmakers regarding social support; a young man hits hard times and is taken in by a friend, but later sues him for not helping him move out."
"A man says he caught his girlfriend cheating but forgave her four days later when she bought him a motorcycle; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend for an unpaid loan to buy a car: she says he promised to pay her back with a tax refund that never appeared."
"A singer performs at a veterans' charity event but insists he never agreed to play for free; a handyman is accused of shoddy workmanship but blames his client's mother and father for botching the paint job their daughter paid for."
"A woman flies from California to Minnesota to purchase a cat only to find that its minor infection is not so minor; 19 Club Crackers with every meal is one of the favorites of a woman whose care is being fought over by her son and granddaughter."
"A party planner says 660 people showed up to celebrate a girl's 15th birthday and that she was not properly compensated for such a large crowd; a woman sues her neighbor for property damage as a result of his dead tree falling on her property."
"A man with over a dozen arrests is incensed when his mother and sister accuse him of assault and theft; a traveling nurse claims she was bitten by her neighbor's cat."
"A man fights to regain custody of his child after the mother moves out of state; a mechanic admits that the car he was supposed to repair was towed."
"A young couple asked to account for their income have a colorful history; an uninsured motorist is questioned."
"Evidence includes an assault caught on video and a vulgar voicemail; a woman says the site of her wedding was misrepresented."
"A man says his ex broke in, she says she was invited; a woman is accused of firing her contractor after he made a deal with her insurance company."
"An uninsured driver sues the driver she crashed into; a man sues his ex for a laptop, she claims he was cheating."
"A man loans a co-worker money but asks that it be kept a secret; a woman gives a friend a car title without full payment."
"An angry car owner in hot pursuit of his repossessed car jumps on the tow truck and causes an accident, then sues for false charges of an assault; a dog breeder refuses to return a puppy deposit and claims the dog is still on its way."
"A woman submits video evidence of pigs destroying her backyard, but her pig-owning neighbor refuses to acknowledge the animals are hers; a woman buys a 30-year-old boat from a stranger and then sues for fraud when it sinks."
"A mother claims a daycare center had a cockroach infestation and mishandled a baby with a weak spine; a nail salon owner is accused of damaging a customer's jeans during a hand-softening treatment."
"An 11-year-old boy admits to lying to the police about vandalizing a neighbor's car after, he says, she stole his basketball; a makeup artist's no-refund policy is deemed to be outrageous by the judge."
"A man is accused of pouring a pitcher of water into a TV set and slashing tires after an argument with his sister over Halloween candy; a truck driver claims his friend stole his cat and gave it away while he was out of town."
"A woman with a history of alcoholism entrusts a large settlement to her daughter but then claims she never saw the money again; a teenager takes a vacation with her friend's family but runs out of spending money and is sued for repayment."
"An ex-con is accused of stealing her daughter's identity, leaving her with $10,000 in debt, ruined credit and an eviction; a man loses his new car after hitting a deer and being unable to pay for repairs or make car payments."
"Drug abuse, prison time and thousands in arrears come into play when a woman sues her son's ex for an unpaid loan; a woman accuses a former neighbor of taking advantage of her daughter's drug addiction by buying property from her when she was high."
"Fish die when a contaminated pet enters the tank, and an experienced online seller is sued for damages; a man admits that he had too much to drink but claims his ex-girlfriend gave him permission to drive her car, so he did."
"A young mother laments the inequality of the parenting workload when she is sued for rent by her child's father's ''family''; a man denies having anger management issues when he is sued by a tenant for harassment, rent and moving expenses."
"The judge takes on a pit-bull owner who refuses to accept that her pet, with a history of violent behavior, is a menace to society; a grandmother defends her grandson after he's kicked out of his parents' home; a man misspeaks and ruins his case."
"A woman admits that she made a mistake when she stole from her generous boss, who sues her for yet another unpaid loan and late fees; a horse trainer claimed he bailed out his neighbor to the tune of $5,000, but payback checks don't clear the bank."
"A woman says she loaned a TV to a friend and now wants it back, and her friend accuses her of alcohol abuse and stalking; a motorist strongly denies causing an accident with another vehicle but admits she gave the other driver money for her trouble."
"A teen stops payment on his check because, he says, the vehicle fell apart; a driver crashes into a parked car; a woman sues her daughter for costs associated with a repossessed car."
"A woman sues a salon owner and stylist for over $600 in damages when her custom wig order goes terribly wrong; a woman sues her former son-in-law for an unpaid loan to pay his bills, but he says she had gambling money to share and that it was a gift."
"During a custody exchange, a mother's temper gets the best of her, and she is accused of damaging property on her way out the door."
"A security guard is accused of pulling a gun and a knife on his roommate after a heated exchange about his girlfriend; a motorist respectfully pleads his case with last-minute video evidence when he sues a cyclist for crashing into his car."
"What begins as one-on-one time between a father and son ends with screaming parents and accusations of vandalism; infidelity leads to a speedy getaway complete with gunfire, a collision and an angry car owner left holding the bill for repairs."
"A woman visits her incarcerated boyfriend and convinces him to place her cable bill in his name, but a change of heart awaits him when he gets out; a singer sues her former business partners for breach of contract and defamation of character."
"A woman accuses her foster child of stealing from her home, and accusations of voter fraud and pet theft come into play; when an 83-year-old woman loses her balance and falls off a bed, liability for damages are disputed and sage advice is dispensed."
"Theft of a water heater and copper piping from a home leaves a woman without a place to live; rat noises, holes and scurrying scare a beach house tenant and lead her to demand the return of her security deposit."
"A teenager must convince the judge that he was not at fault in an accident with another motorist; a dispute over dental-care bills after a punch in the face is at the heart of a fight between sisters romantically linked to the same man."
"After being fired for being high while at work, a man accuses the boss of stealing his tools; a man's attempt to enter his gated community ends in a collision; a woman sues her former friend for crashing her car during a night of partying."
"A woman makes the ill-fated decision to co-sign for a $28,000 car with her retired ex-boyfriend; a rural property owner, accused of allowing his dogs to run wild and attack other pets, gives his neighbor permission to take action."
"A man's illness leaves him financially vulnerable, but his ex is sick of waiting for money; a boy is attacked by a neighbor's large dog while playing on a trampoline; a man helps his friend buy a work vehicle, but his friend denies owing him a penny."
"After causing an accident, an uninsured driver offers his car title in exchange for settling matters without involving the cops; a woman sues her son, who is a father of four."
"When a woman tries to prepare her family for a future without her, a daughter is accused of taking advantage prematurely; an uninsured driver is sued for property damage."
"A woman says behavioral reasons are why she gave up her daughter; after being forced to return her engagement ring, a woman and her ex fight over the cost of a boat."
"Exes fight over rent, property and the cost of a moving van; a lawsuit over unpaid rent and claims of stolen property; a woman says her roommate filed a false restraining order."
"Winners of a pool tournament say they were promised trophies, a banquet, and $600 in cash but were assaulted by the league manager instead; a woman sues her ex-fiancee for money owed for a wedding dress and impound fees."
"A woman accuses her country singer ex-fiance of infidelity and of stealing her engagement ring; when finger food for a party is accidentally burned, the event planner has pizza delivered instead."
"A dog breeder is accused of filing a retaliatory restraining order after a dissatisfied customer complained about her puppy's medical condition; a woman sues her mechanic for fraud when her car's repair bill exceeds its purchase price."
"A Marine is sued after helping a homeless man; a woman says a stylist's attempt at fake dreadlocks resulted in pain and hair loss."
"A woman sues her brother for rent, damages and allegedly stolen property; a woman and her son accuse neighbors of backing into their van."
"A man wants money back from a woman who says he threatened her and sent indecent pictures; a woman denies putting her utility bill in her cousin's name."
"A woman leaves her children in the backseat of her car in order to seek child support to buy diapers; her actions lead to a nasty fight with her ex."
"A woman regrets hiring family friends to help with a move when her vehicle is involved in a police chase and work hours are disputed."
"A teen accuses his landscaping boss of stealing money from his bank account, and the boss says the boy was fired after being verbally abusive to his wife; a woman claims she paid more than $4,000 for a landscaping job that was never even started."
"Accusations of child abuse, an ankle monitor and a restraining order come into play when a man and his son sue their ex-roommate for return of property; a young woman accused of vandalizing a rental property points the finger at her husband."
"After seeing a resemblance to an ex-girlfriend's baby, a man takes a paternity test, then the mother of his newfound child sues him for vandalism; a teenager fights to regain possession of her dog after temporarily giving her away to a friend."
"A 19-year-old sues her ex-boyfriend for holding her against her will and destroying her new phone; a woman, confused by time zone differences, admits that she lost her license due to a DUI, and a friend sues her for time he spent driving her around."
"Teen cousins, who dated the same boy, team up with their grandmothers to sue each other over a smashed cell phone; a woman calls it quits as a landlady after her former tenant sues her for a security deposit."
"Ex-lovers fight over a trip to Italy after their young son gets sick and the trip is called off; winnings from a sports pool are called into question when the game goes into an unprecedented overtime playoff."
"A man readily admits that he beat up his sister-in-law's fiancee after, he says, they robbed his home of slot-machine money."
"When a young mother tries to dictate custodial rights to her child's father, Judge Judy sets her straight; a woman sues a couple for breaching their contract to paint her house."
"Stolen property, \"door wiggling,\" and a fear of roaches come into play when two women fight over accusations of vandalism; fresh out of prison, an ex-con dates a woman who, he says, \"gifts\" him money for a Mercedes SUV and new front teeth."
"A $13,000 family trip to Disney World ends with ex-lovers fighting over who owes for what; an entrepreneur offers her cousin a job with her new tile, carpet and upholstery cleaning business, then claims he owes her money for the training trip."
"A woman is accused of illegally using a professional photo of her grandchild to make a statement; a woman admits she is still making payments on her wedding dress after the engagement was called off, and she wants her ex to help out."
"An attempt to reign in a roommate's sloppiness ends in an assault, an arrest and a plea bargain; after a TV falls off the wall, a woman says she found 20 unused screws left by the handyman who installed the television."
"Footage of a purported assault is viewed in court to try to get a restraining order; a 19-year-old is reprimanded for poor roommate etiquette; a man sues his ex-fiancee for the return of money he paid for a car and for the value of a wedding ring."
"Underage drinking, party games, and a full-grown pit bull who's not potty-trained come into play when ex-roommates go their separate ways; a hairstylist's client is attacked by a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and the dog's owner blames the client."
"Families fight over custody of a dog; a mother is shocked to see caregivers trying to retrieve a sticker from her toddler's mouth."
"A single mother is offered refuge in a woman's home; she later sues for damaging a lamp and unlawful eviction."
"The judge dispenses wise advice when a driver is sued for not one, but three, limo accidents."
"A motorist admits he ran a stop sign and accidentally killed a dog; a woman is forced to dip into her 401(k) savings and her wages are garnished after a bum car deal with her ex-lover."
"A woman accuses her former tax-business partner of vandalizing her office and stealing her client files; a man's extensive online research still lands him with a mechanic who never repairs his car."
"A verbal contract in the amount of $14,500 for a Harley ends badly; a woman's attempt to replace her family's deceased dog with a new puppy comes to an abrupt halt when she is told her pick of the litter has died."
"A woman accuses her cousin of filing a false police report against her; a motorist's story loses credibility when he flees the crash scene."
"An inconsiderate neighbor lets his large dog use a common area as a toilet; the German shepherd bites the man who videotaped their negligence."
"A man pleads guilty to stealing defibrillators and aviation headsets and selling them to a pawn shop; a car buyer's math doesn't add up when Officer Byrd pulls out his trusted Kelley Blue Book and compares figures."
"A man videotapes his ex-fiance slamming his computer in a car door as she drives away, then she sues him for damages to her vehicle; a woman agrees to pay off a friend's debt in exchange for his old car that dies after five months."
"A woman accuses her child's father of not feeding the child."
"A fight over DVDs leads to a $2,000 medical bill; a woman sues her former friend for stealing a car she was supposed to donate; a skateboarder breaks his ankle in three places after failing to stop at a stop sign and slamming into a motor vehicle."
"A landlady claims the man she locked out was not a legal tenant; an insurance company finds a man to be at fault, but he is determined to make his case to the judge."
"After police execute a warrant for a man charged with assault with a deadly weapon, a landlord demands compensation for a busted-down door; a teen insists she gave her ex-friend $500 in cash for his broken down car, but he sues her for over $4,000."
"Threats of wage garnishment, a guilty plea in an auto accident, and accusations of auto theft come into play when a woman sues her son; the judge reprimands reckless drivers who didn't know how to share the road and caused an accident on the freeway."
"A woman accuses her former friend of theft and an illegal lockout; a man with a history of violence pleads guilty to vandalizing his ex-lover's car."
"A woman sues her mother for custody of a dog; the judge suspects that a forklift operator with a toddler may be in the habit of stiffing day care facilities out of payments they are due."
"Newlyweds attempt to fix up their home but end up suing a home remodeler; the judge is incredulous when a woman offers up a pitiful defense of her behavior with a former roommate."
"A self-proclaimed nosy neighbor cares for a woman's Great Dane and is accused of spaying her unnecessarily; a woman says she was scammed out of more than $4,000 after answering a blind sales call."
"A pregnant young woman sues her ex-boyfriend for $4,000 in moving costs; a landlady accuses an ex-tenant of illegal activity when she sues him for unpaid rent and damages."
"A man can't decide if he gave his ex a trip as a gift or as loan payback; a caregiver accuses an ailing grandmother of pitching a fit and damaging her car."
"A woman posts a video referencing a personal story that her ex-roommate had shared with her; after a breakup, a woman is left to care for her ex-boyfriend's two dogs, six lizards, and mother."
"A child suffers a concussion while playing in a league tournament; brothers find that their first home purchase is not all it's cracked up to be."
"A woman claims her manager illegally repossessed her car, and his excuse is that she was about to be fired; a man's ex-fiancee says he stole her camera."
"Hair dressers' partnership ends in a fight over possession of property and lost wages; the judge tells it like she sees it to a man who admits he agreed to pay back his ex-lover for a loan, even though he had no plan to do so."
"A contractor with over 40 years in the industry accuses a disgruntled customer of slamming him on social media; the judge doesn't believe the story a woman tells of renting a guesthouse to her daughter's father and accusing him of property damage."
"A landlord says his ex-tenant damaged his rental unit, stole property and forged documents to try to prove otherwise; neighbors are furious about a home surrounded by junky cars, but residents say they are in the business of trading used vehicles."
"A landlord is sued by a tenant for failing to show up for a housing inspection; another tenant complains that her landlord kept putting the property up for sale; a woman sues her daughter for property damage and punitive damages for slander."
"A homeowner claims she was forced to put her new home back on the market because of the financial strain caused by her tenant; a landlord says he was in disbelief when he walked into his property to find the nasty mess left by his tenant's four dogs."
"A man admits to going through his lover's phone to see if he was cheating, and their relationship ends soon after; a woman is sued by her ex-best friend for damages that her daughter is accused of inflicting on a rental property."
"A woman sues her son for unpaid rent and damages to a home; a 19-year-old sues his ex for the return or value of a purebred pit bull; a woman demands payback to the tune of $7,000 after a party does not bring in anticipated profits."
"Death threats, restraining orders, and a pack of Chihuahuas come into play when family members sue each other for damages; a woman repossesses a vehicle she sold to former friends after they damage it and fail to make a payment for six months."
"A woman takes a weekend course to learn how to apply permanent makeup; she ends up suing the beauty company for pain and suffering."
"A woman accuses her child's father of skipping out on car payments because she filed for child support; a woman says a mechanic's repair work put her damaged van in even worse shape."
"A woman sues her former tenant for damaging her home by installing a hydroponic system to make it a marijuana-growing house; a shared love of woodworking ends badly when a man lets a friend borrow his equipment."
"A man must prove that a friend stole from his rare collection of battling cards, and a police report calls his testimony into question; in an effort to make his case against an ex-landlord's eviction, a man changes document details to suit his needs."
"A seven-year feud between two neighbors escalates and ends in court with incriminating video evidence of harassment and property damage."
"A breeder sues a man for selling her a dog that has a genetic disorder, and he counter sues, saying he lost business because of her bad online reviews; a man loans a pastor $4,000 to right his traffic wrongs and take a trip to Vegas."
"A restaurant server claims she was \"football-tackled\" by her roommate because she was ignoring her during an argument; a woman claims she suffered an eye infection after a makeup artist applied a permanent tattoo."
"A woman files for a restraining order against her boyfriend after he throws a boot at her and bruises her; a woman receives a large disability settlement but makes the mistake of sharing her good fortune with a friend who is about to be evicted."
"A man sues his adopted son's sister for parking tickets, impound fees and an unpaid loan for a car that's in his name; a woman refuses to hand over her car when a friend tries to repossess it and sues for mental distress after the car is disabled."
"An agoraphobic woman bonds with a rescued dog only to discover that her beloved new companion has a previous owner who wants it back; a man being sued by his unemployed ex claims he owes her nothing and that she just gave him $5,000."
"A woman says her former guardian stole from her little sister's bank account."
"A couple sue their grandchild's father for an unpaid loan to pay an attorney used to dispute child custody with their daughter; a dog falls deathly ill after bone fragments from cow bones accumulate in its stomach."
"A man's access to car auctions gets him into trouble with an old friend when a car deal falls apart; a woman sues her children's grandmother for the unpaid balance on a car."
"When a woman spins her car and sprays rocks at her estranged lover, he is accused of firing back with a handful of rocks; a woman's carefully planned vacation ends badly when construction starts on the premises and a refrigerator breaks."
"The judge learns about a new dog breed when an 8-year-old boy says a neighbor's pet attacked him; a man who has a passion for antique cars discovers that his '63 VW van has gone missing after his mechanic goes out of business."
"A woman sues her deceased grandson's former fiancee for the cost of a headstone after a $10,000 life-insurance payout; a couple who broke up weeks after relocating from North Carolina fight over a $5,000 job-relocation fee."
"An elderly landlady calls the police because she fears a tenant has been a victim of terrible violence; a woman and her child go back to live with her mother after accusing an ex-roommate of non-stop partying."
"A homeowner's prized trees are cut down; a litigant expects credit for paying car insurance after the vehicle is repossessed; a mom helps her adult son purchase a car to get a job, and he claims doing chores around the house makes them even."
"A man sues his colleague for unpaid services regarding the translation of his book into Portuguese; a man says his brother threw boiling water on his back during an argument, causing second-degree burns."
"A defendant is ill-prepared for questions from the judge when she is sued by her ex-roommate for a security deposit; a doctoral student sues his ex-roommate for a loan to pay off credit-card debt, and a disagreement over the use of Uber ensues."
"A married couple and their eight children are sued by an ex-landlord for property damage and a stolen phone; after a young woman dies, her cousin sues her widower for money owed on a car."
"After a woman decides not to move into a new apartment, the landlord keeps her money; a woman says her ex's roommate borrowed her car and ruined it; a woman demands that her ex pay her back for loans she says she made to clear his DUI fines."
"Ex-lovers fight over accusations of abuse of a beloved cat who was long overdue for a trip to the vet; when a contractor demands payment for a bathroom overhaul, his client sends pictures accusing him of faulty workmanship."
"A woman sues her child's father for the return of property, and he says she filed a restraining order and called DCS repeatedly; after shelling out over $7,000 for lawn care, a man claims his landscaper failed to complete the job he was hired to do."
"A woman submits video she says is evidence of her cheating boyfriend trying to break into her house; a landlord claims she gave her young tenant a list of rules to live by, but the tenant says they were not in the original contract."
"A man has buyer's remorse after spending over $8,000 on furniture, but the salesperson points to a no-refund policy clearly printed on the receipt; a woman sues an artist for a refund on a custom-built table, and he counter sues for unpaid labor fees."
"A woman says a large, out-of-control dog ran into her car and damaged it; the dog's owner claims his pet was hit and injured by the vehicle; a man accused of assault is bailed out of jail by his boss, who claims he was ungrateful for his generosity."
"A partygoer testifies that a friend's parked car was slammed and thrown across the street by a passing vehicle; a newlywed accuses a seamstress of ruining 10 bridesmaid dresses for her wedding and demands thousands of dollars for pain and suffering."
"A woman accused of stealing from the estate of an 80-year-old woman and selling her furniture sues for slander and defamation; a woman who admits to speeding and totaling a car is sued for damages by the car's registered owner."
"A man accused of assault on his ex-girlfriend changes his story once evidence of bruising is brought to light."
"After a man's jaw is broken during a fight at a party, he sues for pain and suffering, while the host says the man was drunk, belligerent and aggressive; after a breakup, a man accuses his ex-lover of hiding his vehicle to avoid him taking it back."
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