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Judge Judy - Season 18 Episode 44

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Episode: 44/128 eps

Duration: 30 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 6

Season 18 - Judge Judy
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"A teen cries when her mother defends her behavior on the volleyball court, and the pair sue her coach for causing emotional distress."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"A woman is sued for rental damages; a seamstress is sued for the money for a prom dress."
"The plaintiff says the defendant publicly accused him of stealing her home; former roommates dispute payment of rent and accusations of assault."
"The plaintiff regrets bailing out his girlfriend's daughter's boyfriend; sisters feud over a loan."
"Former roommates feud over rent, damages and a restraining order."
"A young man and his mother say his ex falsely accused him of breaking into her home; a woman accuses a man of stealing her exercise machine."
"A woman says her ex bit her during an argument; a baby sitter says two of her client's checks bounced."
"A woman sues deli owners for illegally towing her car."
"A hotel clerk says a guest assaulted him; a dog's owners sue a former friend because the animal was injured on his property."
"A man sues his neighbor for harassment and defamation he says resulted from an ad she posted online; a woman sues her daughter's former friend for driving her car during a flood, causing damage."
"Parents say their daughter's birthday was ruined when the limousine failed to show up on time; a man says he was punched in the face during a pick-up basketball game and seeks reimbursement for medical bills."
"A tattoo shop owner sues for unpaid services and slander; ex-lovers squabble over a motorcycle and storage fees."
"A couple say a DJ's unprofessional behavior ruined their wedding; an ex-son-in-law wants repayment for a car loan."
"A woman says her son's ex-girlfriend left her stove on and set the kitchen on fire; a woman says her neighbor intentionally burned his own lawn, damaging her trees in the process."
"A man says his ex-lover took most of her belongings and abandoned the rest; a plaintiff accuses his mother of stealing from his bank account."
"A man sues his ex for damaged property, filing multiple false restraining orders, and his share of the proceeds from a garage sale; a man and his 18-year-old son sue each other over party damages and the sale of a vehicle."
"A married couple sue an erstwhile friend for vandalism to their vehicles and the cost to board a horse; a landlord sues for unpaid rent and cleaning fees."
"A man accuses a fellow gym-member of injuring him during an exercise; a woman says a day care provider gave the wrong child to a family member for pickup."
"Neighbors feud over damage to an above-ground pool; a former tenant sues landlords for the return of her security deposit."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Aggressive testimony in a case involving bipolar disorder, unpaid rent and damaged property; a man's written statement about selling a classic car does not match up with his testimony to the judge."
"A man's sister says he owes for the cost to replace her furniture; a woman regrets lending her cousin money to buy a car."
"A woman sues her former real-estate agent for making unauthorized changes to her home; a woman sues her ex for rent and lost tuition after she had to drop out of school."
"The plaintiff says his ex-girlfriend totaled his SUV while he was in prison; a woman's car is impounded while she is in rehab."
"A dog's owners say the groomer gave it a heat stroke; a young woman sues her father for the money she paid for a car, and he counter sues for the unpaid balance and impound fees."
"Women say a limo service owner ruined their night on the town; a customer sues car dealership owners for the return of property, car repair bills and harassment."
"Unwed parents' fight leads to accusations of domestic violence, property damage and job loss; a teen, asked to leave her brother's home because she does not get along with his wife, sues him for repayment of a loan and moving expenses."
"A teen is accused of stealing rent money and damaging property; a baby sitter is accused of neglect; a woman sues her ex for the cost of a trip, and he countersues for assault."
"Drunkenness and impaired judgment cause injuries at a bachelor party; a teen driver blames his girlfriend for distracting him and making him crash his aunt's ex-boyfriend's vehicle."
"Former lovers feud over the custody of two cars; a woman sues her ex and his employer for a refund on a lemon."
"A motorist says a homeowner damaged his truck while trying to take down a dead tree; former lovers regret living together."
"A nanny and employer fight over drug use and harassing phone calls; a windstorm knocks down a fence, and a horse ends up in a neighbor's swimming pool."
"A man says he got assaulted when he intervened to stop his daughter's baby-daddy from choking her; motorists disagree as to how cars got damaged."
"A beauty salon owner accuses a stylist of assault; a man sues his teen daughter and her fiance for damages they caused to his motor home."
"The judge investigates a young man's ability to pay child support; a woman accuses a little dog of attacking her."
"An ailing diabetic sues the good Samaritan who took him in, then kicked him out; a friendship ends over a cruise to the Bahamas."
"A woman says her ex-lover crashed three of her cars; a former roommate demands repayment for a last-minute loan."
"Cousins feud over a joint bank account, moving costs and medical bills; divorcees fight about their son's funeral costs."
"A dream car has an existing title loan, so its new owner cannot drive it; the dream car's salesman blames his ex-girlfriend; a motorist denies crashing into a parked car and fleeing the scene."
"A young couple are accused of starting a fire; a woman regrets paying restitution for her fiance's son's crime."
"Boyfriends claim their truck and its contents were sold without their permission; a man regrets paying his brother's bail."
"A car collision leads to a boxing match between two angry fathers; a woman demands that her daughter's boyfriend repay her for rent, damages and assault."
"A knife attack, a slap in the face and a fight over a jail stay; a woman denies that she damaged a vehicle; a bride learns that a foreclosure affects the hall for her wedding reception."
"A trip to the store turns violent; a woman regrets giving her ex-lover loans and paying his bills."
"A house sitter is accused of stealing diamonds and destroying property; a friendship ends over a life-insurance policy and vacations."
"A bitter custody fight over a dog; a woman sues her teen sister for fees incurred when they were evicted from their home."
"A couple demand a former friend repays a debt; a dog breeder is sued."
"A woman contests her son's lockout after only a three-day tenancy; a father is forced to move back in with his mother when he is sued by a cousin."
"A mysterious check, allergies and vanishing appliances come into play when ex-friends fight over an eviction; a man accuses his landlady of stealing his mail and neglecting a broken sewage line, and she denies trying to hit him with her car."
"A store owner says her business partners posted nasty signs and blocked customer flow and denies she evicted them unlawfully."
"A woman sues her son for living expenses after he undergoes a kidney transplant; a landlord says an evicted tenant trashed the rental home on her way out."
"A teen evicted over marijuana use insists he has a license to imbibe because of chronic pain; a woman says that after an argument with her girlfriend got physical, she felt compelled to move out."
"A woman demands that her newborn's father pay for shared credit-card debt and the cost of a new car motor; a mechanic denies selling a defective vehicle with thousands more miles on it than was advertised."
"A landlord presents a long list of property damages he says his ex-tenant caused; a woman says her former friend stalked her and threatened to kill her when she was late in repaying a personal loan."
"After a practical joke goes wrong, co-workers feud over responsibility for medical damages; a young man's parents sue him for defaulting on a car loan that is in their name."
"Emergency surgery on a dog comes into play when a woman describes shoving and slapping that took place during a heated argument."
"The judge calls out a defendant on his inconsistent testimony."
"A woman sues for repayment of money she says she sent to her boyfriend while he was in prison; a man says his sister made a deal to barter a puppy for money lent to hire a divorce attorney."
"A woman says her ex attacked her, but her story has holes in it; a woman sues a man and his mother for punitive damages resulting from a pyramid scheme."
"A driver says that after a crash, a third car showed up and moved evidence around before the police arrived; a woman says her ex-boyfriend stole her car out of spite."
"A woman says she directed fence builders to begin work on someone else's property, then made them start over; a woman becomes hysterical over the actions of a former friend."
"The judge advises a defendant to stop giving her funny looks; a driving lesson between two commune dwellers ends with a crash into a tree and a lawsuit."
"A young man's pregnant ex-fiancee sues him for damages; a car's owner says his friend confessed to totaling the vehicle in a practical joke gone bad."
"An arrest may have stemmed from erratic driving or racial profiling; ex-roommates fight over rent."
"A bakery owner's son sues her for wrongful termination; a man says his ex-landlady was running a scam."
"A man insists he did not take advantage of his mother's severe illness by stealing her money and car; the judge dresses down a man who ridicules his ex's expenditures on car repairs."
"A woman says her child's father bought a home with her money while she was away in military training; a woman says her ex ruptured her eardrum."
"A relationship begun online ends in assault, accusations and death threats."
"A clubbing incident leads to an ambush and the vandalism of a car; pet owners dispute a dog attack and veterinary bills."
"A man says his neighbor accused him of hitting a fence and held him hostage while calling police; a former roommate says three teens kicked her out and sued her for an additional month of rent."
"A young father goes to jail for breaking into his own home; a woman sues for medical bills after being hit by a car as she crossed the street."
"A young woman says her ex-friends took her car without permission and crashed it; a man and his mother fight over a TV, rent and a loan; former friends are in a custody dispute over a deceased friend's race car."
"A woman says a young man tried to pawn off a phony smog certificate when she purchased a car from him; a party-bus driver ejects a young girl after an altercation, saying she damaged the bus; ex-friends feud over a video-game console."
"A landlord says his tenants conned him into letting them out of their lease; buyer and seller dispute a horse's health."
"Eight-year-old twins discuss damaging a passing car; an ex-lover sues a man for leaving possessions out on the porch instead of storing them."
"A person who received a bounced check is accused of using its routing information to retrieve money illegally; a man demands that his ex-wife repay him for a bed he says he purchased for their son."
"Divorcing parents with a history of assault and arrest fight over a truck."
"A man says he owes his former baby-sitter nothing, because she damaged his truck and her boyfriend stole property; parents feud over a false arrest and a restraining order; a woman sues a former friend after they were arrested for shoplifting."
"Exes feud over euthanizing a dog and vandalizing a car; a man says his girlfriend refused to give him his belongings after she kicked him out of the home; a former friend wants repayment of bail money from a woman incarcerated four times."
"A homeowner says a house sitter drank her wine, damaged her couch and crashed her car; a woman says she was falsely arrested for stealing her own car; two roommates insist that a third does not deserve to have her full security deposit returned."
"Video evidence shows an altercation between schoolmates escalating into a fistfight."
"A 13-year-old is accused of attacking a 10-year-old and breaking his arm; children take the stand."
"A police officer says her former landlord filed false charges and defamed her character."
"Former high-school friends, who moved in together, fight over pets, girlfriends and property damage; a woman who got a serious infection sues the cosmetologist who tattooed her lips."
"A man says his former landlords stole his property and harassed him; an ex-boyfriend says he never asked his online girlfriend to lend him money to fix his car, so he does not have to repay her."
"A woman with a small dog sues a pit bull's owner for veterinary bills and blood-stain removal; a man calls his ex \"a nut\" when she takes him to court for harassment and repayment of a loan."
"Roommates fight over rent, damaged property and an expensive bed; motorists accuse each other of causing a collision."
"Cousins sue each other over a car repossession one of them calls illegal; women sue their former dog-breeder for the value of puppies they say were stolen."
"Half-brothers feud over the cost of a funeral, heavy drinking and dental work as a result of a fight; a woman sues a former friend for a stud fee after an unsuccessful attempt to breed their English bulldogs by artificial insemination."
"Property on the Mexican border is at the center of a tenant\/landlord dispute in which marijuana and vandalism come into play."
"Accusations of assault between unwed parents; a landlady says tenants vandalized the property, and they counter sue for harassment."
"A used car's new owner says the brake pads fell off two days after he bought it; nevertheless, the seller sues him for the unpaid balance; a woman sues her former girlfriend for damaging her car in a parking-lot scuffle."
"A phone with text evidence goes missing; ex-girlfriends accuse each other of vandalism and theft; a woman says her brother-in-law gave her a truck as payback for a loan; a co-worker regrets lending money."
"A woman and her daughter bring their grievances over a car sale to court; a couple sue a pit bull's owner for veterinary bills after it attacked their dog; a man's ex-girlfriend sold his record collection for pet-care money while he was in jail."
"Friends reunite after years apart, then end up fighting over a car; members of a popular science-fiction costuming organization feud over one of their creations."
"Unwed parents fight over destruction of property and an arrest; a woman says her brother totaled her car, and he says she lied about it being insured."
"A miscarriage days before a wedding leads to a dispute between the grieving newlyweds and a disgruntled DJ; a woman insists that her ex pay her back for thousands of dollars' worth of unauthorized credit-card charges."
"After one dog attacks another, their owners fight over veterinary bills; former roommates feud over a broken lease, a security deposit and an unpaid electric bill."
"After the deaths of a woman and her daughter, remaining family members fight over their car; former friends argue over a loan one took out to buy a motorcycle for the other; a single mom sues an ex-friend for a loan to start his business."
"A former in-law sues a grieving man for the unpaid balance on his late brother's four-wheeler; a man who crashed his friend's snowmobile into a tree blames it on the vehicle's owner; a woman accuses her ex-lover of stealing her car."
"A man sues his former landlord for property damage, theft and harassment; friends call it quits over a car title; party business owners say clients failed to return a party jumper they rented for their son's birthday."
"A young man denies mooning his girlfriend's aunt and throwing rocks at her car; men dispute whether a phone call while driving or a pounded fist on the dash caused a car crash."
"A party planner sues her former friends for failure to pay; a woman says her ex-boyfriend's car title and registration are in her name; a woman sues a teen for return of money she paid for a car."
"A woman accuses her daughter of stealing $5,000 in cash from her home; a day care provider says her ex-client never told her that the client's state aid had run out; a motorist backs into another vehicle; a defendant mouths off in court."
"A woman sues her ex-husband for destroying her home; a man sues a mechanic for crashing his car; a woman keeps her ex-lover's dog as collateral for a loan."
"A family say they had to move out of their home because a car crashed into it; former roommates feud over false arrest, moving expenses, return of property and harassment; a man regrets buying his stepdaughter and her husband a truck."
"A man says his former sober-living roommate had him falsely arrested; a woman sues her ex for the return of a dining-room set; a man must choose between repaying his ex-lover and giving her his truck."
"Two men who met on an online dating site fight over loans; after a domestic dispute turns physical, a man sues his ex-girlfriend for rent, bills and a flowered, purple bicycle; a woman sues her neighbor because a fire destroyed her trees."
"A disabled man sues an erstwhile friend for a mortgage loan and the cost of a vacation; a man demands his personal belongings and the return of car payments from his mom and her boyfriend."
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