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It Takes a Killer

Some of the world’s most notorious murders are the subject of “It Takes a Killer,” which investigates the crimes from the perspective of the killers, trying to get inside their minds and determine their motives. Leading homicide investigators and...

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Season 1 - It Takes a Killer
"When three different women who advertised in the Erotic Services section of Craigslist are assaulted, one of them killed, Boston police match surveillance video and witness reports to a man that no one would ever suspect to be a killer."
"When a deadly sniper terrorizes the DC area for weeks, frantic police put out an APB for a white van. But the FBI has a theory that there might be more than one sniper, and they're not driving a white van."
"When government intern Chandra Levy goes missing just hours after she decides to move to a new city, detectives discover she may have been having an affair with a senator - the only suspect with a possible motive."
"When a young man is brutally murdered in his home, the only suspect with a motive is his ex girlfriend, who claims she hasn't seen the victim for months."
"When three members of the same family die of mysterious causes, police being to suspect they have been poisoned. Detectives exhume bodies and confirm the presence of antifreeze, but who is the poisoner, and why?"
"When an aspiring actress is found dead in the home of a legendary music producer, he claims it was suicide. But as detectives piece together the crime scene they zero in on their suspect and a history of bizarre behavior."
"A killer terrorizes Wichita, Kansas, preying on random people and families, tying them up, and strangling them. But then the killer goes quiet. When he resurfaces decades later, police find a way to lure him to reveal his identity."
"When a series of women are murdered in Baton Rouge, police draw a profile and begin DNA testing a segment of the city's population - white men. But when one victim survives, she tells detectives they're on the wrong trail."
"When a newly married woman is killed at home, police believe it's a robbery gone wrong. But 20 years later, an LAPD officer opens the cold case file and sees the crime in a new way."
"When four women are killed at different times in different states after going home from a bar with a handsome young man dressed like a cowboy, detectives don't realize the murders are linked together."
"Over 20 years four-dozen women are murdered in Washington State, many of them prostitutes, and five of the victims are found in the Green River. The notorious killer evades identification for decades, despite being arrested twice."
"When a mother of two is reported missing, five days after her disappearance, her husband becomes the chief suspect. But is his affair with the nanny enough of a motive to kill? And where is the body?"
"When a law school student is strangled to death in her bed, detectives discover that someone had been secretly watching her for months. Not only did he videotape her through her second story window, but she knew him extremely well."
"A geeky clerk turned prolific serial killer flies under the radar for years, piling up bodies as cops investigate another serial murderer operating in the region."
"A group of high school outcasts are on the run through the Southeastern United States after their leader commits a savage double homicide. Cops finally catch the thrill-seeking teens, only to find out they're a makeshift vampire cult."
"A minister, his wife, and a mysterious suicide. When a wife and mother overdoses in a small Texas town, almost no one suspects foul play."
"A sexual predator on early release from prison turns the quiet town of San Luis Obispo into a hunting ground, preying on young, unsuspecting, college age women."
"An Olympic hero shoots his girlfriend at his home in the middle of the night. Has he mistaken her for an intruder or is it all part of a precisely calculated plot to get away with murder?"
"An evil ex-con on the run for attempted murder sets up camp in Gainesville, Florida. But, he's not satisfied just hiding out. This seasoned killer's blood lust cannot be controlled."
"Mother and son crisscross the United States, pulling off every scam and con imaginable. But when these criminal masterminds graduate to multiple homicides, they're finally caught by the long arms of the law."
"A promising young attorney is shot and killed in a jealous rage by an obsessed, on-again off-again girlfriend. But can she convince the jury that she's the victim and get away with murder?"
"A short order cook with aspirations of country stardom falls on hard times. With his dreams crushed, he returns to what he knows best - stick ups - only this time his armed robberies result in a ruthless spree of killing fast food workers."
"A millionaire inventor rolls the dice with a much younger fiancee. But he'll soon find out that she and her secret boyfriend have played him for his money and the price of this game is his life."
"Out on parole, an ex-con turned published author goes on a 24-hour killing spree. But when he unknowingly leaves one of his victims alive to identify him, cops who launch a multi state manhunt and bring him to justice."
"After years of abuse, a high school valedictorian snaps, viciously stabbing his mother in the family's garage. He almost gets away with her savage murder, except for a couple small inconsistencies in his alibi that reveal his true plans."
"A bizarre lover's triangle turns lethal and a mother of two suddenly disappears. Cops investigate the missing person's case but soon discover it's the coldest murders committed by two jilted ex-lovers."
"When one bodybuilder wants what another bodybuilder has, the end result is a murder-for-hire. The muscle-bound mastermind goes on the lam for nearly a decade only to resurface half a world away."
"A long-haul trucker with a lust for killing crisscrosses the country looking for his next victim. Police don't connect any of this serial murderer's crimes until he slips up and takes out someone from his inner circle."
"Two ex-marines join forces for one sole nefarious purpose - to abduct women and keep them a sex slaves. This evil duo carries out their \"operation\" with military precision, unafraid to kill innocent civilians along the way."
"The disappearance of a decorated military man stumps law enforcement and shocks a central Texas community. But once investigators did into his home life, they uncover a vicious murder plot involving his veterinarian wife."
"A drug abuser out on a joy ride kidnaps then kills an innocent coed in Oregon. Investigators spend months attempting to solve what they believe is a missing person's until the perpetrator strikes again 1400 miles away."
"A serial killer with a history of serial rape terrorizes Tampa, Florida's red light district, targeting women of night at random. This killer gets away with murder for months, only to be brought to justice by the one victim he let go."
"A Michigan town in disbelief after a well-respected real estate entrepreneur becomes the prime suspect in his wife's murder. The investigation into the homicide uncovers a sordid tale of double lives."
"A former army medic devises a sick plan to kidnap women, impregnate them and keep them in his basement as part of a personal baby farm. When the plans turn to actions, women experience the hell of a veritable house of horrors."
"The murder of a millionaire doctor's wife sets off a massive manhunt throughout New England. Law enforcement quickly locates the suspected killer only to find out he has a history of not only violence but also cross-dressing."
"An unemployed teen mom and her new husband concoct a plan to kill an innocent man they meet on Craigslist. The end result is a vicious stabbing that sends shock waves through a small Pennsylvania community."
"A father, husband and businessman by day transforms into a sadomasochistic by night. This veteran con-man lures unsuspecting women with a web of lies and empty promises only to trap them in a world of sex slavery and murder."
"A wayward ex-marine drifts through central Oregon, off everyone's radar. He's homeless and forgotten about, committing petty crimes here and there, until one day he spots Amyjane and gets the urge to kill."
"Two prominent doctors, two towns apart, entangled in a passionate rivalry for the same woman's affections. When one loses, he exacts the ultimate revenge, hiring a friend to take out the opposition."
"For more than a decade, a genius doctor with a homicidal hobby gets away with murder at hospitals across two continents. Cops race against incredible odds to track him down just before he takes his next job and kills...again."
"Terror strikes London, England as severed body parts start showing up at random locations across the countryside. Police must piece together the human jigsaw puzzle in order to track down the perpetrator."
"A beautiful brunette is killed and left inside a burned out luxury car in the high desert. At first, it seems as though the perpetrators have gotten away with murder."
"A scorned mistress exacts the ultimate revenge, hiring a group of derelicts to kill the wife of her lover. When the heat comes, she plays the victim and denies any involvement."
"An evil seductress targets two Georgia police, bleeding them dry, then killing them for their life insurance benefits. This black widow gets away with murder for years before law enforcement untangles her web of seduction."
"A state employee wreaks havoc on Southwestern New Mexico, abducting women then keep them captive in his homemade torture chamber, the toy box."
"A loving father vanishes without a trace in central California, setting off a feverish missing person's investigation. Cops follow the trail of clues and discover that their missing person isn't missing at all."
"A serial killer lays siege to Jacksonville, Florida, strangling young African-American women to death then callously discarding of their bodies."
"A wayward son from a lawless home goes on a 24-hour shooting spree, killing five people from two separate families in two different states."
"When a friendly woman without an enemy in the world is savagely murdered inside her rural Louisiana home, cops suspect her killer is an ex-lover."
"A British landlord offers free rent to a female \"enforcer\" if she'll take care of his troublesome tenants. The only problem is she ends up murdering a tenant and the landlord himself."
"A self-taught serial killer crisscrosses the country at random, targeting victims of opportunity and murdering them with stashed weapons and tools he calls \"kill kits.\""
"The mysterious disappearance of a surgeon's wife sparks a feverish homicide investigation, which quickly goes cold. It takes law enforcement 15 years before they can gather enough circumstantial evidence to bring her killer to justice."
"When the soon-to-be ex-wife of a prominent investment banker dies inside her home, it initially appears as though she suffered an accidental fall. Yet law enforcement discovers it was no accident but an act of rage by a desperate man."
"A street preacher and his teenage prot\u00c3\u00a9g\u00c3\u00a9 run an Internet scam to rob unsuspecting men, steal their identities, then dump their dead bodies in the woods. The scheme works multiple times until one of the marks escapes."
"A destitute criminal terrorizes central Florida, robbing middles aged men, executing them and disposing of their dead bodies in random wooded areas."
"A mentally unstable man goes on a two-hour shooting spree, killing one man and wounding two others. Cops have no suspects in that homicide, until the shooter resurfaces to rob a tanning salon."
"A gunman attempts to take out an entire family one by one as they enter their house. It takes law enforcement nearly two years to crack the code behind the murders only to find out they were masterminded by someone too close for comfort."
"When a husband and his pregnant wife are shot leaving a child birthing class, police are lead to believe it's a random act of violence. But after weeks of eliminating false suspects, cops lock in on the real perpetrator."
"After three members of an affluent family are mowed down inside their home, law enforcement locks in on a primary person of interest."
"When a woman is gunned down in the parking lot of her therapist's office building, it looks like a random act of violence. But security footage and eyewitnesses quickly reveal that the murder is part of a larger scheme."
"A serial killer lays siege to upstate New York, targeting women of the night, one by one. Law enforcement investigates the cases for nearly two years, until they find out the perpetrator has been living amongst their dead bodies."
"The search for an adored local businesswoman who vanished without a trace quickly morphs into a homicide investigation after police discover microscopic evidence inside the woman's home and car."
"A merciless killer terrorizes South Los Angeles during the 1980s then appears to go dormant for 14 years only to resurface in the most hideous way possible."
"A woman's clairvoyant dream leads cops in coastal Florida to the body of a dead woman hidden in the bushes on a pristine beach."
"A serial killer crisscrosses the state of California, leaving a trail of dead bodies in random location. Law enforcement cant catching the dangerous sociopath, until he show us at a police station with a victim's body part in his pocket."
"A serial predator targets men at gay bars, leaving a trail of dead bodies along the southeastern United States. Cops struggle to play catch up, until the perpetrator leaves behind a key piece of evidence at a crime scene."
"Law enforcement investigates a series of unsolved murders in the state of Colorado over the course of a year, only to realize all the seemingly isolated incidents all point back to a single FBI informant."
"A triple homicide in small town Maine rocks a community and destroys a family. It doesn't take police long to piece together the elements of the crime, and its ruthless cover-up, which point back to a perpetrator close to home."
"A disgruntled man snaps and goes on killing spree, terrorizing the entire borough of Brooklyn, New York. Cops track the killer's trail of victims for more than 24 hours before they finally hunt him down across the city."
"A dedicated mother disappears from suburban Los Angeles, leaving behind three kids and a husband she planned to divorce. Law enforcement quickly determines she's been the victim of a homicide.."
"A homicide at the intersection of a teenage daughter and her boyfriend who can't get out from underneath a mother's overbearing eye. Once cops unravel the twisted web of lies, they uncover the shocking truth behind a murder plot."
"When a Southern California high school teacher suddenly dies, it appears his death was due to natural causes. But once law enforcement starts looking into his widow, they uncover her treacherous past and preference for using poison to kill."
"When a chef's wife goes missing from Southern California, it initially appears she may have voluntarily walked away from the life she knew. Yet, after months of investigation, detectives uncover she was the victim of a ruthless homicide."
"A vicious custody battle ends when one of the parents vanishes without a trace. Law enforcement investigates the usual suspects only to uncover a seemingly premeditated murder and a sickening attempt to cover it up."
"Cops in suburban Fort Worth, Texas investigate a brutal killing at a construction site. After months of interviews, extensive forensic analysis, and a massive process of elimination, homicide detectives finally track down a suspect."
"A deranged man, with an unforgettable nickname, terrorizes New York City in the late 1970s, leaving a trail of dead and wounded in his wake. This killer operates with impunity for nearly 13 months until a parking ticket lead to his capture."
"Police in rural Minnesota investigate the murder of a missing woman whose body was dumped next to an abandoned farmhouse. After a year of investigation, and with the help of some unlikely informants, they narrow down the suspect pool."
"A husband and wife are savagely attacked by an axe wielding murderer. When the wife survives, but loses her memory of the attack, police must rely on the evidence to see if her pre amnesia identification of the killer proves true."
"A transient turned serial killer uses Louisiana's capital city as his private hunting, leaving a trail of dead women over a three-year span. Cops struggle to stop him, until he leaves a survivor and brings him to justice."
"The mystery of a soccer mom moonlighting as an escort who disappears from Western Colorado. It takes homicide detectives nearly seven years to unravel a horrific cover up perpetrated by a suspect they'd identified from the outset."
"The brutal murder of a recent widower inside his North Dakota home. Law enforcement quickly uncover evidence that reveals the homicide is part of a desperate plan from a person almost too close for suspicion."
"Women in a working-class Rhode Island town begin mysteriously disappearing. Cops investigate and discover the dark obsession of a serial killer nobody suspected."
"A damaged man turns Cleveland, Ohio into a hunting ground as part of a twisted plot to exact revenge on the women who hurt him. After 10 months of terror, can cops bring him to justice?"
"A merciless triple homicide in New Orleans, Louisiana leaves law enforcement with puzzling clues. But as they piece together the mystery, they quickly realize there's way more to the murders than a robbery gone wrong."
"The murder of a grandmother in the suburbs of Cincinnati sends a small-town police department into a furious hunt for a killer. It takes nearly a year until a piece of jewelry as unique as a fingerprint brings the murderer to justice."
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